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Retinal detachment laser surgery side effect question

Hello, so I had a small tear in my left eye in 2015 so I ended up getting laser surgery in both eyes to seal the tear off (I got it on the right eye too, prevention purposes). I am short sighted so I wear glasses/contact lenses to see, but my eye prescriptions aren't that high. In October 2016 I went to my optometrist for a eye check up for new contacts, and my left eye went up by 0.25, while my right eye didn't. Now my eye prescriptions haven't changed for 7-8 yrs now, so it was weird to me that my left eye went up, even though it was very little. Is it possible that my eye laser surgery could affect this? I went for a check up with my ophthalmologist in August 2016 and everything was very good.
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While it is possible the surgery had an affect on your eye, it is normal for our prescriptions to change as we age.  It normally continues to get worse as time goes on.  For the lucky ones who are near sighted the prescription will start getting better after age 50.  It is the same cause, our eyes are changing shape.  
There are numerous other reasons for prescriptions to change but normally those would affect both eyes.
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