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Right Rib Pain Unexplained

On Nov 10, I went in to the Er with horribale  Right rib pain. They did blood test, Urine testing and a CT scan.  ( all clean) They came up with a DX of Kindey infection.  because i had amy Gallbadder removed in 07 After being put on two anitboitics I ened up back to the same ER and they took back  there Kindey infeactins theory and  said it was costochondritis. about mid april 11 i was still in lots of pain. sought a new doctor out. he sent me for chest X-rays, all clean, Bone density scan, still clean. Sent to me to see some about the lungs. He  put me on steriods. That didnt work, Than came back and placed me on Gapentin, and sent me to rumeatology , More xrays  and blood test later i am still in pain with no idea of what is causing it. Its daily pain sitting, standing, lying down, I am just wanting a clear DX. july 13 i ened up in the ER again because of the pain.  The ER doctor couldnt help me any more either. I am being shipped around to departments with no questions being answered
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I was diagnosed with costochondritis as well. It really never heals as because its the ligamnent that attaches your rib cage to ur breast bone. I'm not in constant pain but I do feel the pain everyday. Bending, reaching, cold weather, 2 much caffene all effects it. Have u tried aleve or naproxen? Or even something like tramadol?. Hope that helps
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Thank, But My is not  costoconderitis. costoconderitis is the cartilage that connects to the sternum or at the end of the bones so they are little more flexible, and the word part -itis means inflammation. I was put on Steriods which are to meant to reduce that so i would of had some decrease in  pain if it was any type of Inflammation. My rib pain is under the right arm right on the bone about 3rd- 7th ribs. No OTC medication have worked. Not even some good ones. They think it has to do the nerves in my ribs or the muscle fascia that surround the in all the ribs. As a Medical assistant i am baffled and have even baffled my Doctor. i wish it was something that easy but it seems not to be =(.   But thanks for the input all of it helps..

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