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Right side of body shrinking

About Problem
Right side of my body is shrinking progressively for more than 12 years at a slower pace. In the beginning at around 2006, I felt pain in my right leg whenever I stand in a posture to put more body weight on it. I could feel slight difference in both legs while walking or running etc.  After some time same condition started in right arm starting from shoulder blade. Pain was also felt while taking support from right hand or while doing pushups. Right shoulder joint and muscles also appear less developed or strong than the left side shoulder joint and muscles. Same symptoms of shrinking and weakness appeared gradually in right hip and right jaw making it difficult to sit and lie down comfortably and chew hard items. Due to these symptoms, I believe, my back has also started to pain. Sometimes I feel pain in head or part of it. Neck often feels stiff and clicks when moved around.

About Myself
I am a 34 years old male. I am an IT professional and my job is to develop software therefore I have to sit in my office for 8-10 hours for 5 days, however, I take short breaks after couple of hours.  I think a lot about daily issues and problems and about the future and its uncertainties. Here I have to admit one thing, I was a porn addict for more than 15 years and masturbated 2-3 times a week but I am fighting with it now and reduced the masturbation to about 3-4 times a month or more.
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Considering your job, it's likely you have disuse muscle atrophy. Adequate protein intake is essential for building muscle. Eat good quality protein such as eggs, chicken, beef. You might want to try whey protein powder and creatine.

Start going to the gym and lifting weights and try walking as well.  Exercise increases serotonin (happiness chemical), dopamine (low dopamine levels cause addictive behaviour) and endophins (feel-good chemical).

Tyrosine (an amino acid used by cells to synthesize proteins) is the building block of dopamine. Some of the foods that contain tyrosine include almonds, avocados, bananas, beef, chicken, eggs, milk, watermelon, yoghurt.

Take a good quality multi vitamin - whole natural product if you can find it. Also take Vitamin D3 - not only aren't you getting enough vitamin D with your job due to lack of sunlight but not enough vitamin D leads to muscle and bone weakness and increases the risk of many conditions and diseases from cold/flu to cancer.
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The other type of muscle atrophy is called neurogenic atrophy which is caused by an injury or disease that affects the nerves connected to a muscle. This type of atrophy is mentioned to appear more suddenly and is more serious than disuse atrophy.

There are various reasons for neurogenic atrophy such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, neck or spinal cord injury to name a few. You might want to see a doctor to rule out any underlying diseases/injuries as well.

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