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This rash just appeared randomly yesterday. I did not use any new lotions or perfumes. I have sensitive skin but have never had a reaction like this to anything before! It's unbelievably itchy. I haven't been scratching today because that obviously made it even more red/itchy but I have been pressing on it with the smooth back of my hand which kinda relieves the itch. There are no bumps or anything, just a patch of red. What is it? What should I do!?
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Try using a cortizone cream on it, too.  Are you sure you didn't wear a new necklace or perhaps a blouse/shirt that has nylon thread that irritated your skin?  Could be a bug bite - Try some vinegar on it and do take an antihistimine just in case.
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Maybe try taking some kind of antihistamine; it looks like an allergic reaction to me. If it doesn't go away after that, maybe it's some kind of fungal infection or something.
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Ugh, I hope it isn't a fungal infection that sounds terrible. Thanks for the advice Sullyfish. I'm hoping it is dermatitis or eczema or something not serious. Although I've never had any of those before. I've had it for almost two days now so I don't know if an allergic reaction would last that long?
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Thank you so much. I used a new tea tree oil/ aloe vera mask on my face but if I don't have a rash all over my face so I figured that couldn't be it. It's still on my neck today. I put some cocoa butter on it because I've noticed that it itches like crazy when it's all dried out. I still have to make a trip to cvs to get some antihistamine/cortisone stuff.
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Just wondering how that rash on your neck is doing.  Hope it's going away and that you don't get it again.  Did the cortizone cream help?
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Aw yes thank you so much for asking. It got worse, then really dry, but now it is going away/healing. I bought the cortizone cream which relieved the itching almost completely. I wonder if it was some kind of eczema since it never blistered or bumped up or anything and just got really dry?
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Who knows... rashes can be caused even by something we eat that disagrees with us.  But because it's on  your neck it could even have been a bite of some sort.  Just glad the cortizone cream helped. I keep a lotion on hand that contains jojoba oil and beeswax.  For some reason I find it very soothing on all kinds of blisters, bites, eczema, and strange rashes... it stops most itches and I guess the jojoba oil contains something that negates or draws out the "poison".  I hope your neck rash continues to diminish until it goes away!  Good health to you!
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