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Safety of possibly undercooked pie crust?

So I just noticed my pumpkin pie crust appears to be a little bit shiny. It's almost sort of doughy looking. I'm not sure if it's undercooked or just that way because the filling is watery/greasy. I've already eaten a couple pieces before noticing so I'm just wondering is there any risks with eating an undercooked pie crust? For the record, it sat out for two hours to cool as the directions said but then went into the fridge after.
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Hello~There is no danger if the pie crust was not completely cooked, I remember eating cookie dough when we would bake cookies, yum, I sure didn't get sick. The very worse you may get a tummy ache, but I doubt if it would be from the crust. I wouldn't worry at all.
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Yep, I remember snitchin a little taste of raw cookie dough as a child in the 60s, straight thru my young married days. (Thats why Cookie Dough ice cream is so popular today!) Around the time my kid was born in the 80s, they had started telling us how dangerous "licking the bowl" is. Its the EGGS! The eggs are dangerous to consume raw (or raw-ish) because chicken pathogens are INSIDE the chicken eggs. Different pathogens than in the 60s/70s, they say. (Also why chicken must be cooked thoroughly, too)

Now, there are no eggs in pie crust, but apparently the wheat is suspect? I've only heard raw pie dough is BA-A-A-A-D!! So many new rules! I'm sorry but you mustn't eat undercooked pie crust. Partly because it's just GROSS!

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I made russian roll pies with caramelized onions and I baked it for about an hour. The inside of the roll looks a little bit doughy on the bottom and we already ate them last night. Will we be fine?
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I noticed it was doughy and I put it back for like another 15 minutes and it looked better but still a bit doughy. Could it be the oil from frying the russians and onions?
I am sure all is well, sometimes oils from the foods can soak through to the crust. Even if the crust isn't cooked completely, there is no danger in eating it, it just might night be as tasty.
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No you should be fine, my wife, and I when I was a kid would eat raw cookie dough all the time.  My grandma made it from scratch and I loved it.  Remember you will know when food is bad, if you smell something and you jerk your head away so fast you almost break it.... its bad.  Rule of thumb 7 to 10 days for most items in the fridge.
The shinny on your crust is condensation if I had to guess.
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You will be fine.  

With eating raw or undercooked pastry you may get indigestion.

You can either preheat the oven and cook the pie again, or cut off the undercooked pastry and throw it out.

When baking pastries, it is best to follow the instructions on the packet.  But always preheat the oven first to the temperature that is recommended.  Pastries are best cooked in a hot oven and when making your own pie, bake the bottom crust first without the filling in a hot oven for about 15 mins.  Fan ovens are usually set about 10 degrees less than conventional ovens.  

Ovens do vary, and with using your oven, you will get to know it better.  Directions on packets hobr general advice.  Which means, depending on your oven you may need to leave the pie in a little longer.  Also ensure that you follow the instructions with regard to the oven level where to place your pie.  The middle shelf is fine for most things, but occasionally you may need to bake on a higher level.
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