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Seeing Spots!!

I was overheated and came indoors and sat down with a fan and I began to have swirley light patterns develope in the side of my right eye.  I could see them when my eye was open and also when shut. it wasn't the same as the occassional fiber type line floater...it was consentrated on one side of my field of vision...like swirley wormie lites and lasted about 1/2 hour.  Could this be a stroke warning sign?
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there's a distinction between a "stroke warning" in the sense of symptoms of a stroke and stroke warning as signs of a pathology that could lead eventually to a stroke.

the only way that could indicate higher risk of stroke is that it was caused by a vascular problem, but you should have a bit more going on I guess. it also depends on your age.

maybe it was caused by sudden sun exposure.

why are you worried about having a stroke, do you have other symptoms? is there someone in your family who's had a stroke?

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I've had similar vision effects, like a shimmer reflection on water. Turns out it was a migraine without the headache. Best go to your doc for further tests at an eye specialist though.
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Heatstroke can cause vision problems.  If you have no other symptoms, and the vision issues went away as you cooled down, odds are high that it was related to being overheated.
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Yes, both parents had cardiovascular problems and I do believe they both had mini strokes that lead to their deaths.  My dad had a 5 way bipass years before and my mother suffered from hypertension for as long as I can remember.  I have always been heavy and been type 2 diab. for about 5 years with high blood pressure and recently my kidneys are beginning to show signs of trouble.  We (my doctor and I) are working on controling my blood pressure...
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Oh, I have never heard of a migrane without pain...I am due for an eye exam so I will check it out!  Thanks so much for the info.
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Diabetes can also lead to vision problems.  It is probably all related.  Be sure to tell the doctor you're working with to control your blood pressure about the vision issues.  Do you have good control of your blood sugar?  Are you on insulin?  
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