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Sensitive Skin around the ribs

Very similar symptoms to some others that I have read about - very sensitive skin around one side of ribs only. Feel low. Gone on for 4/5 days now. Nothing visible on skin.
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Also, have skin sensitivity around rib cage area.  Started about 5 days ago and have tried several otc creams.  Nothing seems to help.
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Hello Eagle and Simone,

Welcome Simone to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp and Eagle it is always good to hear from you. I am sorry you are both having pain, and such similar pain.

If so many ppl are having the same symptoms it makes me wonder if their isn't another strange virus going around? The other thing that come to mind is Shingles.

Shingles will in time, present with a rash but it can be sensitive prior to the development of one. The first sign of the condition is a tingling or sensitivity of the skin in the affected area and than pain should follow. Pain may be perceived differently by everyone. The nerves supplying the chest and abdomen are commonly affected. The rash usually appears several days after the pain begins but it can take longer. Shingles affect only one side of the body. I would watch for a rash. If it is Shingles no OTC cream will give any significant relief of symptoms.

If your symptoms disappear in several days without the development of a rash and do not return you can most likely conclude it is a passing virus. If a rash is noted or the symptoms continue I encourage your both to contact your physician(s) for treatment.

Sorry I do not have better answers for you two. Others will post with their suggestions and/or opinions. Please let us know how this turns out for each of you. Take care, Tuck

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i have been having the same symptoms, it's been 9 days already.  did you guys find out what it was?  did it go away?  thanks.
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Same symptoms, in desperation tried Neosporin by J&J and relief was immediate and after 2 days the burning pain on skin stopped
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Ive had the same sensitiv, Painful skin on the right side of My ribcage. Had it now for about 8 months. No rash, skin looks normal. Driving me insane,  just having clothing touch me hurts
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