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Sharp intense pain/pressure above right eye......lasts less than 5 minutes

Hello......I am a 42 y/o, who has been experiencing sharp, intense.....pain/pressure above my right eye. It is intense right off the bat! No throbbing......feels like a squeezing sensation kind of. It is VERY painful. But it only lasts less than 5 minutes......then it's gone just as fast as it came on! This has happened 3 times since Christmas 2016. Identical signs/symptoms all three times.

I have been DX with Pars Planitis (eye inflammation) in both eyes back in 2015. I see my eye Dr every 6 months for dilation check ups to keep an eye on the inflammation. I am due for my next dilation check up in mid March. I also have recently been DX with Sjogren's Syndrome (April 2016). I also have some mental health issues that I am on daily meds for. Will list all my meds at the end.

Other symptoms I have been having include: numbness/tingling in toes, fingers & heels.....electric shocks down spine......limbs spontaneously jerking.......loss of appetite.......weight loss.....forearm goes numb during sleep.......trouble regulating body temp........night sweats.....and many more......

My daily meds include: Topamax, Plaquenil, Evoxac, Zoloft, Myrbetriq, Vit D 50,000 IU, Klonopin (PRN) & Vistaril (PRN)
Myrbetriq & Vit D are my newest meds......been on them for about a month now......then Plaquenil & Evoxac, have been on them since July 2016. The rest I have been on for years.
I am currently waiting on a referral to a new Rheumy so I am in between Dr's at the moment......the Rheumy I am requesting to see is moving into a new office right now and is not accepting new patients until Feb 1st......

Anyone going through something similar? Or have ANY insight as to what might be going on with me?
I would REALLY appreciate ANY input!

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