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Shortness of Breath when Taking my Walk

I am a 66 year old female about 10 lbs. overweight. About 5 weeks ago I began sneezing one night. I mean one right after the other. Then my nose started dripping like a faucet. The next morning I felt a sort of tickling in bronchial area of right lung.  By next morning I had congestion there. I also had a thick creamy like mucus coming from my nose. I always have nasal congestion but this was worse.  I had a cough in the first few days (mostly at night) then it went away. But not the nasal congestion or the lung congestion.I have no cough to try and get the phglem out of the lung.  So I have to try and hack and push it out. I cannot seem to get rid of it completely. Chest is sore from trying to force this up. I must note here I have extreme anxiety which is probably not helping. When I take my walk I notice shortness of breath when I walk up a steep hill. I used to walk daily but lately (even before this started) I had been slacking on the walk sometimes going as much as a week without one. Went for my regular checkup on 9/28/18 and nurse practitioner (PCP) listened to my lungs and said they were clear. O2 saturation was 99%, BP 121/78. She had all blood work done and there was only on abnormality. My eosinphils (part of white blood count) came up high by 1 pt. It was 6.1. She said it was probably allergies and gave me Zyrtec. Can take the decongestant type because I have paroxymal AFib. I have had this since 5/2014. Only a couple of episodes per year. Had an ablation and will probably have to have another to get completely rid of it. Have a great cardiologist/electrophysiologist. Just want to know someones opinion of this. It frightens me, this shortness of breath on that hill. I don't have it at all during daily activities, i.e.house work, going up stairs etc. Can anyone give me some insight to this? VERY anxious!  

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I think you should stop trying to 'force' yourself to cough.  Coughs linger naturally. the lining of the bronchial tubes get irritated when you cough and that irritation lingers.  This can make coughs last up to two months which is very normal.  You are likely aggravating it more by 'trying to get the phlegm' out.  Mucus will possibly be there and you will naturally cough this out without so much forcing. You can try something like Mucinex which thins the mucus.

As to losing weight, 10 pounds is a nice small amount to have to move.  You don't need any supplements for this other than all should take One good multi vitamin a day.  Otherwise, just monitor what you eat and exercise regularly.  
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I don't think this is a major issue to lose your weight. There have some good supplements which will help you to lose weight easily. On the other hand, you can try with the natural supplements what I did for myself. Walking in the monring for atelast an hour. And work hard until sweating. I have lost about 4KGs in this way. Thanks!
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