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Should I be concerned about lump in neck? Can thyroid grow back?


I am a 49 year old woman who had a hemithyroidectomy 10 months ago because of a very large goitre.  About 3 weeks ago while rubbing sunscreen on my neck I noticed a lump that I'd never felt before.  It's just slightly to the right of my windpipe (the same side that had the goitre) and is about 2 cm big.  At first I wondered if it was my adam's apple, but found it weird that I'd never felt it before.  However it is slightly to the right, not in the middle and I believe my adam's apple can be felt a bit higher up and in the centre.  Should I be concerned?  Do thyroid glands ever grow back?

thank you
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Hi.  Do you think it is a lymph node perhaps?  They can react and enlarge in that area. Was your thyroid fully or partially removed?  If it were partially removed, it can grow again. If it were a full removal, it wouldn't. If the thyroid wasn't all removed by accident which happens, it also can grow again.  I would see your doctor about it, to be honest.  good luck
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Hi specialmom, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what a lymph node would feel like,  it feels quite firm.  Only the right side of my thyroid was removed. I was never able to feel my thyroid like this before though. Yes, I guess a trip to the doctor is in order.  Thank you
A lymph node feels a little like a pea (big or small one) under the skin.  It kind of moves if you move it.  It's usually painless.  Infection can bring it on but even just stress can.  So, you had a partial thyroid removal. then yes, it can grow back.  I think I'd check in with your doctor.  Let me know what they say, okay?  Oh, and we have an excellent thyroid forum here!  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Thyroid-Disorders/show/73  They really are helpful on that forum too.  
It's about the size of a marble and doesn't seem to move.  Thanks for the suggestions :)
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