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Should broken tooth gap needs to be planted

My third tooth from inside, lower jaw, was slowly broken and the finally gone when I was around 14 years, and I am 30 now living with that gap, mostly avoided heavy chewing on that side. Unfortunately, on the other side of the lower jaw, the 3rd tooth from inside, had to do tooth fill 4 years before. Some six months back tooth filling came out, but I am still hesitant to go to dentist for re-filling, because last time itself, he checked that gap and told me that he need to remove the side teeth, and then he will plant 3 tooth which really scared me. Otherwise my teeth will get gaps in between itseems, but so far I dint see it happen. Should I really do that 3 tooth planting on loosing those original teeth, or I can still continue living with it?
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If you mean that there is no tooth in the lower area or in some areas. What will eventually happen with the tooth on the top it will start to move downward because there are no opposing teeth or tooth. So you could lose the upper tooth too. If that is the case with you. I had this happen with my wisdom teeth.  Also, as SallyLassie said it is not good to have broken or exposed teeth as this can cause infection or abscesses. This can lead to systemic (or spread) infections. I would revisit the dentist or get another opinion. I have had a dental implant. They put you to sleep for a half or so and you don't feel a thing. Afterwards you just take Ibuprofen every 6 hours for about a week and you are done. You just have to keep it clean for a number of months with an antiseptic or antibiotic then get the the plug crowned. It takes a long time but is worth it in the end if you qualify for that and have the money to get them. Alternatively, you can get the root's taken out and have a bridge put in. Let me know if I answered your question. But, for sure if the filling came out you don't want to leave it open. You can get a bad abscessed tooth. They numb up the area and it won't hurt during the procedure. It will hurt a lot more if you get an abscess.
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A fact some folk do not know, dental problems can lead to infections in other parts of the body, having gaps is not too healthy, but, if you are concerned with your first diagnosis, you should get another one from another dentist.
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Thanks to you all, I will get it fixed as soon as possible.
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