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Sick all the time

Hi I'm 20, in fairly good health but lately I've been noticing something.  I usually go to bed feeling not quite right, I'll fall asleep for an hour but then wake up extremely over heated, sweaty and weak. Also extremely nauseated and also the feeling that I may have diarrhea. Upon rushing to the bathroom my body will fight over Whih is more important my back end or the front end typically with a lot of build up from the unattended end forcing me to switch but never anything happening. This will go on all night without me sleeping much if at all. All night my stomach will bubble and churn and growl. I am on birth control, but that never seems to have anything to do with it since I've been sick while on my off week an also durin the 3 weeks I take the active pills.
This problem is slowly driving me crazy. Doctors just think its a stomach flu and don't seem to be terribly concerned about it. I have sometimes gone weeks without it happening once then suddenly I'll have it 2-3 nights in a row. Please someone can you help me? Its also not food related because each time I've been sick, at least one other person has eaten the exactly same stuff as me and has been perfectly fine. (sorry if this is a little scattered. Currently having one of these "episodes" of being sick and it's 3am where I am.)
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Lol my plan is this: check if it's pregnancy and if so, I have an answer. If not pregnancy, I'm calling my doctor and just giving it the gusto till I find out what the heck is going on. I don't even really care what the diagnosis is, I just want one. And at this point I know it's not just a stomach flu or something. The way it happens during the day is too predictable. I can watch the clock and know what to expect next.
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Good luck and I hope you keep us posed! That sounds terrible! I have it but with only the back end and you're making me feel better about that.
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I will at least get a urine one. If I'm still unsure about the results, I will go to my doctor for a) more accurate urine test b) blood test. I Only don't suspect pregnancy because I've been on birth control for almost 2 years and haven't had a major flub up with it. We also use condoms religiously still. I think we had one screw up 5 months ago, when the condom broke but periods have been normal since then. But will investigate into possible pregnancy.
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Hi there, do a blood test for pregnancy.  During my 6-8weeks of pregnancy i was having stomach pains, at night i wake up sweating and feeling as if i had a fever. I would feel nauseous in the morning and evening time, pretty much when i haven't eaten for a long time.
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Update: went to bed 1am, awake at 2:30. It is now 5:42. I just finished my first round of actual vomitting. Had to be induced basically by watched tv for nearly an hour. Even then wasn't anything spectacular since its been nearly 12 hours since I last ate.
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