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Side impact crash --abdominal injury

My sister had an automobile accident last week --(side impact crash with seatbelt worn).  She has a past history of chronic bowel obstructions and 2 days after the accident she was admitted to the hospital.  She has a partial bowel obstruction associated with dibarticulitis.  
My concern is that this aggravation to her chronic condition is related to her accident.  
She is still in the hospital and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow (pending she is able to eat solid food).
Is it realistic of me to request the admission report include a comment about the accident?  Again --my concern is not monetary gain but long-term health and well-being for my sister.
Appreciate your guidance..

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Hi and welcome. Im not sure the doctor will give you any information but they will give it to your sister. Have her ask if the accident aggrevated her condition.  For example, she had this before the accident and she has this after the accident. If it were me, i would want to know this.
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Absolutely!  Tell the doctor to include the accident on the report - it needs to be documented!
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Her previouse condition has nothing to do with this new Accident induced hospitalization!! And that is how you and she needs to look at it. Her bown problem never had her in the hospital before, and therefore this was NOT THE CAUSER OF IT NOW!!  Do not even suggest this to any ins. Company!!  I dont care if youa money hungry *****, excuse my language please. But you have to take this case into your hands. The insurance co. will try and not pay a dime. I practiced Criminal Justice a bit back. Im telling you now , you are doing nothing wrong for going for proper compensation for your sister and her health situation. I know what diverticulituse is and It is no stroll in the park. she will have a long recovery ahead of her. This is only caused by the bowel being ruptured!!! not  her bowel problems of the past. If she wasnt hit she wouldnt have been ruptured, plain and simple!! if you live anywhere North Idaho, let me know! I will help you free! deb
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They won't release any information to you without a medical proxy. In any event in any accident involving potential litigation, it is prudent to obtain all copies of the ER reports as soon as possible. My horror story involves a time when I was minding my own business and brutally assaulted without provocation by several individuals. One wrapped his arms around me while the other worked me over. Cutting to the chase it turns out they were bodyguards for a Greek Billionaire. I never saw any of them before in my life. Years later, when the ER report was admitted into court (I sued them), it states "patient was in a bar fight".  Actually I was working for a hospital delivering a study and there was a bar on the sidewalk. I confronted the ER physician who "didn't remember, but what I put down must have happened". I collected because one of the bodyguards was killed in a shootout with police while he was engaged in a carjacking (nice guy). The lesson learned was that in any situation where there is potential litigation get that ER report as soon as possible.
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You should also immediately obtain a copy of the ambulance call report and the names and identities (not just shield numbers) of the EMT's or paramedics, and as soon as reasonably prudent request an affidavit from each of them. This will have to be requested by the patient. Be prepared to offer them (the EMT's)  fifty-dollars each for their time. Many EMT's only work for short periods and will disappear into the woodwork when litigation time comes up. The ACR (ambulance call report) has limited space for a description of the accident. Also the police reports.
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