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Skin disorder

I think that I might have scabies, when to walk in clinic and they prescribed lindane, which I used but did not work, used cream 5% peritrin, did not work, I'm thinking maybe not scabies ??? Now I get these tracks on my forearms and legs that resemble welts that range from 2 inches long to 5 inches long, amd about 1/16" wide,  they are red in appearance, and raised, they also itch and burn, what could it be ?
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So sorry you are suffering this way.   What's left to try is crotamiton cream, Benzyl Benzoate and sulfur ointments.

Did you use the treatments correctly? Directions say to apply the Lindan or Peritrin from the neck down after bathing.  Then, it says to leave it on for 8 hours before washing off.  Is it possible that you didn't leave it on the entire time?

There is another condition that resembles scabies.  It is caused by the horse botfly.  Do you ride horses?

Did you wash your clothes and bedding in hot water?   Perhaps you need to try the treatment again before going to the doctor again.

I hope you are able to rid yourself of this problem.  Best wishes
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The directions for the Lindane say to apply from neck to bottom of feet and leave on for 8 - 12 hours, yes I actually left it on for the entire 12 hours before washing in off with Luke warm water and soap.
I forgot to mention that I get these welt looking rashes mainly on my forearms (inside) that are from 2-5" long and narrow that are reddish in color and are raised, they look like someone hit me with a small whip, I have googled everywhere trying to find out what it is with no results, any ideas ?
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Could it be Pitiryasis Rubra Polaris? - Hope I spelled it right.  My grandson has this.  His skin turns orange and peels off on his elbows, knees,  hands, and feet.  it is real thick and just peels off.

He had 10 doctors looking at him as some had never seen this condition before - he was peeling off pieces of skin and giving a piece to each one as a souvenir... He's only 9 and was 7 at the time this happened.

It can last for years or resolve itself.
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