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Slight loss of vision after exercise

I am 21 years old, lately I've gotten into working out again after stopping for a few months. I've noticed this time around that I get slight blurriness of vision sometimes when I exercise (Apparent when doing extensive crunches or lifting heavily) but this goes away after a short amount of time. Yesterday I drank a Monster Energy Drink 1 or 2 hours before my workout, which I did not bring any water to. Sure enough the blurry vision came back, but it remained for a while longer. I got home, quickly hydrated myself, ate some food, had some vitamin C and took a cold shower. The blurriness lessened, but I still feel my eyes sensitive to light and I don't feel like I regained my eyesight fully. I am still facing that problem up to this point, followed by some slight dizziness as of today.
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Sounds like it could be the way your blood is circulating oxygen through your body, especially if it is associated with exercising. Like alot of people who lift heavy weights (Anaerobic or "Without Oxygen) end up lightheaded and even pass out alot of times. If you are doing things that make you bare down with resistance or hold your breath like crunches, pull ups, weights, etc, it could easily cause that.
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There is also a migraine that is characterized by no pain but temporary loss of vision.  My dad gets them.  You might look it up and see if the symptoms sound familiar.
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I think maybe you did the workout a bit too much and maybe you are exhausted. It is also because of consume less energy than you should. I think you should exercise moderately and increase the level or amount of difficulties as you go on. After you exercise you should straight away consume energy.
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First of all, you need an in-person exam by a neurologist, preferably an opthamalogical neurologist. Light sensitivity is a flag for a number of very serious conditions. Other than that, bluriness induced under the cirrumstances you describe is often a flag for an insulin utilization issue resulting in altered glucose levels. Not necessarily diabetes. You are using good judgement in seeking advice, but you really need an in-person evaluation.
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Update. The dizzyness as a whole has stopped. The lessened vision has on the other hand remained. I got a general check up in the emergency room, heart was fine, and the CT scan of my head showed nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever caused my vision to blur whilst exercising did not go back to normal, perhaps it were only my eyes that were effected. Reading from a distance has become more blurred than usual, I wouldnt say there is a sensitivity to light in a severe case, but focusing on my laptop for extended periods of time at night (Where light is emanating more directly from it.) is becoming kind of a struggle.
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