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Slight pain in abdomen when sitting


I am a 55 year old man who is experiencing slight pain when i sit down. Its been like this for about a week now. I first thought i might have done some damage to myself because i started to use my wife's exercise kit to do sit ups and probably did too many(100). However i only get this pain when i sit and nothing when i stand or lie down. My stools are soft but not diarrhoea and i am going twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Most people might consider this as normal but i use to usually go once a day. I am trying not to see my doctor because of the coronavirus situation but i might have to if it continues like this or is getting serious. Does anybody have any ideas what this could be.
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Hello~Have you been checked for a hiatal hernia, this could possibly be contributing to your problem, When we sit, the hernia is pushed up through the diaphragm and this can cause the pain you are having, very possibly, those exercises could have started this and now, it is pushed through the diaphragm causing the issues. I would certainly ask you doctor about this.

In the meantime, try drinking some very warm water, as you swallowing, give a good bounce, this might help to bring the hiatal hernia back to where it belongs.
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Thank you for your reply. I havent been checked for anything yet but i will make an appointment tomorrow to get that diagnosis checked out. Can you just clarify what you mean by give a good bounce please.    
By a bounce, I mean raise up on your toes, as you swallow the warm water, bounce down to normal stance. Do this about 5 times, it might help.
I spoke with the receptionist today who said i would have to ring tomorrow to book an appointment and even then the appointment would actually be a telephone appointment rather than a face to face one.

Referring back to your comment is there any significance in drinking warm water? Can i drink say orange juice. Also is there any possibility that 'bouncing down' may make things worse.
The warm water will help move the part of the stomach that has gone through the diaphragm back to where it should be. It won't make anything worse, I have done it. Orange juice is acidic and could make the problem worse
Thank you
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for your question. We're sorry you are having this difficulty.  We understand about not going to your doctor's office under the current situation and that is wise.  However, I do want to point out that most doctors are currently being more lenient with what they will do via phone or video chat on computer.  They are practicing what is called 'telemedicine'.  So, they will give advice without your physically leaving your home.  It is like a doctors visit but virtual.  So, if it becomes too concerning for you to wait to be seen, that is always an option.  

In the mean time, a couple of thoughts.  I do think you are likely correct that the new sit up routine has impacted your abdomen.  The sitting position may put those muscles in a way that then results in the discomfort.  However, I do want to point out that patients often report having more abdominal pain in the sitting position when they have a peptic ulcer particularly when lower in the abdomen such as in the pylorus or leading into the duodenum.

Things I'd try, stop smoking if you smoke, limit or eliminate alcohol, watch for foods that may trigger the symptom and alter your diet, eat less spicy food, limit caffeine and discontinue use of Nsaids.  

Would you describe your stool as more loose than normal or harder than normal in consistency?  And has your diet changed at all as I know my family has had to make several alterations to our typical patterns.  

That this is not severe pain, all day and accompanied by nausea or vomiting are good signs.  
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Thank you for your reply. No its not severe but discomforting enough that when i sit in front of my PC i have to keep shifting my position. Its funny you should mention peptic ulcer because i thought that's what i did have initially but from what i can gather that still gives you pain/discomfort when you are lying down(although less severe) but im ok when i lie down. I dont drink or smoke, am keeping away from spicy foods completely and am not taking any Nsaids.

I tried to look at other possibilities at what it might be but i cant find the exact same symptoms that other people are experiencing and have been diagnosed with. My stools are more loose than normal but i havent noticed any blood and like you mentioned i dont have any nausea or vomiting plus i dont have any fever, sore throat, tiredness etc. In fact i could easily go for a walk right now which would also help with the pain because i am in an upright position.

Im just at a bit of a loss as to what it is.        
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