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Slow wound healing, memory problems, impairment of cognition, and caffeine

For around 10 months now I've been dealing with an unnameable chronic disease. It has affected my productivity, my thought processes, and other parts of my my life. Every day I feel like I'm closer to death and occasionally will wake up at night fearing it, sometimes not knowing where I am.

This disease has caused problems with my memory. I'll have moments where I won't know what I was doing 5 seconds before, and this will happen for hours at a time. I don't feel like the same person at all. This is exacerbated by caffeine, which, in addition to all of these symptoms gives me nasty thrush. I'll think of something that happened 2 months ago and it feels like years. I can physically feel the whole process of memory recall as something entirely different than what it has been my whole life. Caffeine is supposed to improve psycho-motor skills and cognition but has been doing the opposite for me. If I drink too much it becomes difficult to walk, to think normally, and to recall memories, but my energy levels are where they need to be as well as my focus, so it's a trade-off.

Every doctor I've been to has been garbage. I keep putting off seeing a specialist because it will take too long to see one, and I've reasoned by that time I'll be dead anyway. Still, somehow I've been able to make it this long. It goes away maybe 30 percent if I stop drinking caffeine. The worst are my eyes. My sclera are no longer white. In the course of a year they went from normal to orange and red. When I drink caffeine, it's 10x worse. I am a walking corpse.

My gut is making comically loud sloshing noises and there is a constant dull pain in the lower right quadrant. If I drink too much caffeine, I get a stinging, burning, tingling feeling in random parts of the body, as if the ph is acidic.

I had an MRI done on my brain and a ct on my gut. Nothing showed up. On parts of my skin that were chronically inflamed, it doesn't look like the skin of a 24 year old man. I'm worried this is happening to my brain, hyper-aging the tissue, because my cognition has recently been affected. The slow and impaired wound healing has spread from one area to my entire body, now up to my face, after which my problems with cognition started. What is going on?
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Obviously caffeine makes things worse for you.

I suspect the caffeine might be increasing insulin resistance, meaning your body and your brain as well
are not handling glucose as efficiently as you would like.

The other notable implication would be caffeine's effect on the acidity levels in your body.
If your overall diet is causing an acidic environment in your body (lower PH), then caffeine would only make it much worse and possibly burden your body's buffering mechanism which keep your PH levels stable.

Coffee consumption lowers the absorption of magnesium, which is a vital mineral for many bodily functions, including cognitive.

Caffeine also affects vitamin B-1, inositol, B7, potassium and zinc levels, and it can interfere with the assimilation of calcium and iron, making it tough to fight Candida (yeast overgrowth infection).

Candida could be an issue for you, so look into it, as some of the symptoms you have are consistent with candida symptoms.

Candida could be difficult to diagnose, but you can do
your own saliva test  for it, so you can at least have an idea. Just do an online search.

An anti-candida and alkaline diet would be probably helpful for you. Probiotics, omega-3 s, lots of fresh vegetables, low carb, no sugar, no white flour, no sweets, very little caffeine ( just enough to avoid withdrawal symptoms and taper down) no junk foods, quality protein and oils like coconut oil for cooking, olive oil fresh to drizzle over foods will likely benefit you.

And if you have stress, try to take measures to lower it!

Best wishes,

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A lot of these symptoms sound like diabetes.
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