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So, I'm 40 and it looks like I'm getting braces AGAIN!

So, when I was a kid, I had braces.  My teeth were really messed up.  The orthodontist fixed all my visible teeth, so when I smile, my teeth look good.  But he didnt fix my back teeth.  My back teeth on both sides curve in a lot to where my tongue barely has any space.  Its always bothered me.  A few days ago, I had a problem with the perminant retainer that I had put in when I was 18.  While I was at the orthodontist ( a different ortho.. completely different state and I'm pretty sure my old ortho is no longer practicing), I asked him about how my back teeth curve in so much.  Over the last 30 years. I've asked other orthodontist about it and gotten different answers how it could be fixed.  This orthodontist says he can fix it with braces.  Now that I'm an adult, insurance wont cover it.  Its going to be $6,000 to fix it.  I keep thinking $6,000 to fix something that has bothered me my whole life isnt a big deal.  

I guess what I'm wondering is how is it going to change my face profile if it works?  My teeth in the back severely curve in to where my tongue has no room.  I constantly bite my tongue eating.  I don't chew gum for this reason.  I'm hoping if my jaw is wider, my to tongue would have more room to move.  I also have sleep apnea.  I use a cpap to fix it, but maybe fixing my back teeth will give my tongue more room and relieve some of my sleep apnea issues.  

But I guess I'm now wondering how my face is going to change.  My jaw currently curves in on my back teeth then out (the opposite of what it's supposed to do.)  If they fix it to have my jaw curve out, how will it change my face profile?  I guess I'm self conscience of my underbite.  My chin is too far back.  As my teeth move straight, my jaw would move forward.  But as they move my jaw so its curved out, maybe my chin will be in further than it is now.

Also, does anyone know how my ortho is going to pull the teeth out?  Dont understand how braces on my teeth are going to force my teeth and jaw to widen.  Unless I'll have to wear head gear at night and that will pull my teeth out.  I'll have to ask my ortho next time I see him.  Maybe someone here knows.
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Here is a link to one of the Dental forums here:   https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Dental-Health/show/216
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Hello~I don't think it will make any negative effects to your face, I am not too familiar with dentistry, but it would make sense that it might help all the issues you are having. I think we have a dentist forum here, that might be a good place to ask this question as well.  Also, are there other orthodontists you can see for their input as well.
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