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So tired 5 days after blood transfusion

I had a blood transfusion on Thursday.  I didn't want one but everything else wasn't working to bring my blood count up (it had gotten as low as 71 after attempts of iron supplements-which I'm allergic to and became very ill after).  I had an anxiety attack during the transfusion but they manages to get 2 bags of donor blood inside me (don't get me wrong I appreciate that someone was kind enough to donate blood so that when necessary it was available for someone like me, because whether or not I wanted it I needed it and the ER doctor explained to me that it was my last option, my blood was dropping so waiting for it to come up wasn't an option!  Ok so my question is this....  Why am I still soooooo tired?  I sleep all day and all night I am awake for no more then 2-4 hours a day and that seems like it's getting worse!  I try to get up and get dressed and I end up falling asleep on the couch, plus I have a headache that won't go away.  I am on a lot of mess such as anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and I cant just stop them but I can't live only being awake 2-4 hours per day?  So is this normal or is there something wrong with me?
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Have you asked your physician about this?

It may be that your system is trying to adjust to the blood transfusion that you had, I really do not know. Are you taking any good vitamins or minerals? Sometimes this will help the tiredness.
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Well I take vitamins and my bf asked at his appointment and I go for another bloodtest tomorrow and find out Thursday i find out if the transfusion did enough.  My count was so low that it surprised the practioner I was walking in to his office then it dropped lower so I was sent for an ER blood transfusion, however I assume I would be normal after but still passing out and sleeping all the time!  So not cool.  I don't even know what the next coure of action is.  I guess I find out Thursday!  Thursday will be the first time I see the doc after the transfusion:). Thanks for your help!
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Since others might be wondering about this and searching, I thought I would put my 2 cents in.  Blood cells have a life cycle of 180 days.  When you get a blood transfusion, you are getting cells that could be brand new, or ones that your body will start to eliminate naturally.  If you've lost blood, even if you do get a blood transfusion, your body is using all of its energy to replace the blood cells that were lost, plus to rebuild the backup of blood cells that will soon be expired.  It takes weeks for your body to get back up to par.  My dr said it would probably be at least 6 weeks before I would start feeling more normal.  It has been 5 weeks and I still get very exhausted some days.  I also sleep in and take naps when at all possible.  Even if you are "healed" your body still has quite a ways to go to get back to "normal."
Thankyou for this comment. I had a blood count of 73 & 1 blood transfusion, including an iron transfusion, last week. I was expecting to feel better immediately, but no such luck. I guess these things are a day at a time :)
Also, I'm interested to know if anyone has had the side effect of their skin turning an orange colour after this procedure. Thanks again. Jen
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Hope you feel better soon!

my 81 year-old Mom had a "minimally-invasive" heart procedure on 8/27 that went awry - requiring 5 units of blood (when 0 units is normal).  Fortunately, she came through it & the doctors thought she looked better than they were expecting the next morning.

However, after her first week back, (now been 6 weeks post-op) she began to experience & complain about fatigue.   All other medical tests show OK (no bleeding, kidneys OK, hemoglobin 12, etc.).  

The Dr.'s think she's depressed (like all heart surgery & stroke (& elderly) patients, and started an anti-depressant.

She still describes this overwhelming fatigue that's interfering with her physical therapy.  Someone told her it was the "anti-bodies" in the transfused blood, but yours is the first thing I've heard that makes any sense.

No doctors talked about this, so I'm going to do more research.

If this is what's going on, can anything improve it?
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I had a blood transfusion this past Friday and I'm still so sleepy all the time. Now I also have a headache that if I don't wake up in the morning with it, it comes on very shortly after I'm awake and moving. I also noticed this morning that the tops of my pinky and ring fingers on my right hand are starting to feel numb... Any suggestions.
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Thank you Joyous. I got a blood transfusion (3 bags) four weeks ago....and am still feeling so tired...not like before but just can't do as much or last as long out as I thought. Thank you for what you wrote. It makes me feel like I am somewhat normal.
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It took me weeks to feel better after my blood transfusion. It takes time for red blood cells to rebuild.

You might also be low in vitamin D & B12
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