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Soft Tumor under right breast at rib cage

I recently had a very large tumor removed from my abdomin area it was the size of a grapefruit and had tenticals that grew over my vital oragans. My stomach seems to be blooting again and I now have a soft mass under my right breast and the top of my rib cage growing very guickly 12mmx7mm . It appeared over a two week time period and of course is still growning. My question is I am allergic to iodine, however the only way they found just a small part of the last tumor was because I used the iodine in the first CT. SCAN. so what do I do , My hands hurt to type my feet are swelling and its hard to walk and now have to take pain killers. I know they have to remove the mass of what ever it is but is this a common thing. Do they just keep reproducing themselves. The other thing is Doctors keep telling me this is out of there leage and dont want to help. Where do I go. Yes I know everyone reading this is sitting there saying well do this or do that. So tell me because no one is listening and I need help. Thanks. I also Have BAM Basilar artery Migraines. But I am begining to wonder if its something else.

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It is very scary isnt it when you get things and you dont know what is going on I wish they would be clearer when they explain,you are going through a lot go back and demand some answers, make notes of things to ask the Docs if they say its out of their league ask to see a Specialist, someone has to listen if you make enough noise. Have you a Family member or Husband can go with you to boost your self confidence.Hope you get answers soon, let us know.
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It was nice of you to responed. When I wrote this I thought I was in ask the Doctor but I guess the universe wanted me to write here. I have gone to a lot of specialists. In fact I have a appt tomorrow with another one. Last time they put me in a hospital for five days and almost killed me because they dont listen./!!!!! I had someone with me but for some reason they think because I dont have a medical degree I am to stupid to know what Im talking about. I dont give up. Oh i forgot to meantion that Im deaf. Makes it hard on the they get nervous poor  doctors, although I speak fine and read there lips. Do you ever get to a place were your just tired. Or better yet want to walk into a hospital and just scream someone listen to me. Scary doesnt begin to tell you what I have gone through now I have to fight again . They honestly told my husband to just put me in a pain clinic and let me die. Honest to Chocolate" Thanks for caring enough to write a stranger back. J
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