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Strange and erratic pounding headaches?

I'm a 15 year old girl, and for as long as I can remember, I've had this weird tick where I get a really bad headache. It starts at the back of my head, and pounds really hard. Then, I lose my vision, and see either blackness or a bunch of flashing colors. Sometimes my entire body goes numb, and sometimes my muscles will shake and tremble uncontrollably. Sometimes it's so bad, I subconsciously make myself sit/lie down. Sometimes I'll wake up from these episodes on the floor, with little memory of what happened. It's just so strange. For the past four days, I've gotten a pounding headache in the same place, the back of my head, whenever I look down or stare at something for too long. My parents say it's just migraines, but I've never heard of someone having violent tremors/numbness/passing out for a brief time over simple migraines. Has anyone experienced or seen something like this, and is there something I can do about it? Would a doctor be able to diagnose and prescribe something to help? Keep in mind that these episodes (as a child, I named them "Color-closing-ins, for the flashing colors) don't last very long, and the headaches they bring cease soon after my vision returns. Please help me; they're really annoying during school when I'm trying to pay attention. Heaven forbid I get one as a teacher is asking me a question, since I'll probably lose focus and not hear a word they say.

Thank you in advance ^.^
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Get an appointment with a neurologist.  He will figure out if it is your nerves or heaven forbid something worse.  I am really surprised you have not already seen one.  I am suspect, since you have had them most of your life your parents feel it is normal for you.  But in fact this is not normal for anyone without an issue.
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You should be seen by a neurologist. They can better ***** if you need medication. Passing out is scary and you want to get a medical workup to make sure nothing else is going on.

It sounds like you have migraines with auras. They tick and colors/flashing is the precursor to getting the migraine.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

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Do you drink coffee? I had exactly the same for years and the reason is I was drinking lots of coffee some days, a little others and none on others. When my body expected coffee I got these migraines and had to live through them.

I went totally gave up and the headaches were gone after three days of agony.
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Thank you for the advice, everyone ^.^ Just today, I was standing in the kitchen with my dad when an episode came up. I lost my vision, went numb, started shaking, etc, and he saw the whole thing. He didn't know what I was doing until I told him it was just a "color-closing-in", and he's more concerned than he was before now. I think he and my mom are finally starting to realize that they're more than just headaches. Which is good. I will show them your comments and see what they say about going to see a specialist. Thanks once again ^.^

(And no, I never drink coffee. Or caffeine in general. I stick to water and lemonade :D)
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