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Strange childhood experience

I have always wondered about an experience I had several times as a child. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar.
When I was young, probably around 6 years old, I would be laying in bed with my dad for bedtime, and I would have the sensation that I was rising to the ceiling. I would stay up there for a while, and I remember looking at the details in the drywall. At the same time I would hear a man's voice and a woman's voice yelling at me in very angry voices. I didn't like the voices at all but I wasn't afraid for my safety. The entire time I would continue talking with my dad, describing to him that I was up at the ceiling and that people were yelling at me.
I always assumed it was a dream. A couple years ago I mentioned it to my dad about it, and he totally remembered it. He described my laying very still in bed and telling him I was at the ceiling and that the man and the woman were yelling at me. I googled it but everyone else's stories are about evil spirits and ghosts and that's just not how I felt.
Anyone have a similar experience? What in the world did I experience?
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As a young boy, I frequently had a dream of being in an large open field with my brother and some friends. I would step a few yards away from them and I would start flying high above the trees and would start descending very fast.
Just a few feet from the ground I would then turn and fly upward. When I would wake up it seemed so real.  
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If u believe ..u might have had an out of body experience. Very common
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Hi hon,

No one can say for sure what was happening to you.   I assume these experiences stopped at some point?

From a purely medical standpoint, you could have been having a partial seizure.  But of course, from a spiritual standpoint (as Ekkiemom says "if you believe") you also could have been having an out-of-body experience.
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