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Strange feelings

Hello, I am a 20 yr old female and I've been feeling sick for the past 2 weeks no stop. I Generally eat really healthy (Not lately) and exercise as well. I get this weird nausea feeling after i eat sometimes and sometimes it happens at work or when im on the train. I have been getting this weird weak feeling when im sitting doing nothing, upset stomach and bloating, headaches occasionally and my hands sweat recently at times when im doing nothing and i know im not hot. I even get this weird feeling like my insides are sweating ( if that makes sense) but when that happens i feel sick to my upset and then the nausea comes. I also get it associated with random good or bad smells and when i wake up,I had blood work last year that ruled out alot. I dont have a relieving factor, it just comes when it wants and goes,  it usually last for 3-5 hours. I just dont understand this, anything i can do to reduce these symptoms? I have a doctors appt next week but this is making me miserable in the mean time.
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sounds like pregnancy... :)
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There might be an imbalance of Potassium and Magnesium.   You might start with Pedialite - small sips to help you with the nausea.

Since this year the weather is so much hotter than usual, it is not unusual for people to get dehydrated.  A cold soda is not the answer.  It will dehydrate you even further.   If you can't tolerate the Pedialite, drink ice cold water and add a pinch of sea salt or baking soda to it.

If it's been a year since you had any lab work done, perhaps it would be a good idea to have everything checked again.  You could have a blood sugar problem - high or low that could cause these symptoms as well.

I hope sincerely that you are able to determine and resolve your problem.

best wishes

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Thanks for your advice, i will try it out.
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