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Sudden High BP, heart palpitations, blurred vision. Doctors can't determine cause.


I'm 40/m/190lbs/6'0" non-smoker, non-drinker, don't exercise, and haven't eaten very healthy over my life.

Suddenly in Jan of 2019 I started to feel faint, my heart starts beating hard and fast, cold sweat, nausea, cold shivers, slight tightness in chest, hard to breathe (like someone was sitting on my chest.) and extreme exhaustion.

Rushed to the ER, taken in as a heart attack, verified it was not a heart attack. After a couple hours felt better and was sent home.

This scenario occurred the following week and a few days after that. During my 3rd ER visit they found a hiatal hernia which was repaired in Feb 2019. After that surgery I only had the symptom of feeling faint occasionally but all other symptoms were gone.

Fast forward to Late May 2019 and I start feeling symptoms again. This time it's just discomfort around my sternum, heart palpitations, and blurred vision. June 2019 I have 2 more episodes/attacks where my palpitations are so bad I had to visit the ER for both.

Since then we've purchased a home BP and oxy monitor, last time I had a severe attack my BP was 171/105. Called EMS and by the time they got there it went back to normal and decided not to go to the ER.

During my numerous tests they found gallstones and deiced to remove my Gallbladder last Monday.

Since then I've had symptoms almost daily symptoms.

I've had numerous blood tests, food allergy test, CT scans, x-rays, upper endoscopy's, cardio stress test, Ultasounds and have seen my primary dr, bariatric surgeons(the one's who did my hernia and gallbladder), gastroenterologist, cardiologist, and a Neuro-Ophthalmologist

This happens mostly after eating but has happened on an empty stomach.
I've also noticed leaning forward while sitting, putting pressure on my sternum, causes what feels like diaphragm spasms.

They also found I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever at some point in my life but I've since had antibiotics, been retested, and cleared.

At this point not one doctor has a clue and I'm just going between specialists until someone finds something.

If anyone has any advice I would be grateful.

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Hello~I am sorry you are having these uncomfortable and frightening issues.

Lots of your issues do sound like a hiatal hernia or even GERD. Has any doctor suggested doing an angiogram? An angiogram involves, a catheter being inserted in an artery in your groin or arm and threaded through your blood vessels to your heart. Your doctor uses the angiogram to check for blocked or narrowed blood vessels in your heart. If this has not been offered, I certainly would ask for one, this is one of the "gold standard" tests for heart issues such as yours.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you sassy. After some research and more ER visits I read about Roemheld syndrome, which sounds near identical to what im going through. It doesn't seem to exist on the big medical websites however. Anyone heard of this?
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