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Sudden excessive sweating

I was sleeping and for an unknown reason woke up and it felt hit in the room. I changed positions and got the covers off me and thought that's all it was but I just kept getting more and more sweaty. My fan was on too and the sweat kept coming. My heart rate was normal, temp was normal. I mention that b/c I have had panic attacks but with those my heartrate is high and not so here. After a few min of this I started to THEN worry. Lasted about 7 min.
I'm only 34 so I don't think it's a menopausal or heart thing. Anyone know??
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don know if  this will help but i have had t flashes and col sweats  think  thecold sweats were  due to meds and  was anemic.  he night sweatds also ended.  its been a shotwhile but so faR so good.  my prblem is mydepression is gtting worse.  got to check th out.  goria789
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Thanks. Well according to blood tests I had a few months ago my thyroid is ok. I would think they'd tell me if I was anemic. Fir meds I'm on low doses of Prozac, Xanax, seroquel, and inderal. They've never done this b4. Im kinda freaked right now in fact. Any other ideas?
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Again I've sweated through my clothes, but it's in the morning, early or late, and I'm still in bed. I'll feel hot, but it escalates to drenched in a few seconds. I have had this with anxiety attacks but I don't think that's what this is. I've had it twice so far and I'm 34.

I've noticed it's 4 days before my period, or day 28. The last time it happened I don't recall the period-relationship.

-could this be something else? When I feel myself getting hotter, I do get a bit anxious b/c I don't know what's happening and cannot control it.

-Another thread says people have gotten this from hormone problems. But i've heard from my own gyno that hormone tests are unreliable b/c hormones change so much within less than a day.

I'm really scared (as I usually am when I have some weird symptom and cannot control it). Any ideas? I'm going to my doc on Friday. I have been stressed out and am really broke, but I've been stressed before and this sweating thing never happened.
175861 tn?1428186013
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