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Swelling glands?

Hi. I am 40 year old female. Last week I had a severe migraine which I saw GP for a migraine jab. While there he noticed irregular heart rhythm and told me to come back Monday for an ECG. I had the ECG and he said there arrythmia at rest but under stress test it comes right. He said I am just very unfit (which I am). I dont exercise much as I have a lot of lower back and hip pain as well as swollen feet every evening (I sit at a PC for about 11 hours a day working). Last week I noticed a soft swelling middle of my neck front side, between where my collarbones meet (lower than  what I think would be thyroid). Its soft and not painful. I cant feel any nodules. It's still smallish but I can notice it. This morning I woke up feeling like I swallowed a marble. Not sure if it's a post nasal drip but I dont have a runny nose and no other symptoms except my chest feels very tight when I am sitting down or lying down. Swallowing feels a bit weird but not painful. I think there is slight swelling on the left side of my neck but not very noticeable. Obviously I will keep an eye on my symptoms and if they get worse, I will seek medical attention. But does anyone have any idea what this could be? No coughing and no fever as well.
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Hello,it is probably nothing to worry about, but keep watch on it, and if it gets worse, then see your GP, especially if your chest pain gets worse.  Your body might be trying to fight off an infection, and if so, that would account for the swollen glands. The lump you are feeling in your throat can be due to anxiety, so again, try not to worry, but watch how it progresses.
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