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Swollen Lymph Nodes

Hi everyone. I am having swollen lymph nodes now for a month. They are at the back of both ears, both sides of groin and at the back of my knees. they are not particularly painful but they cause discomfort in the area. i also feel some pain in the neck area just below the swollen nodes. i also feel weakness in the legs and i lost some pounds. i tested non-reactive for HIV after 15 weeks of possible exposure. i wonder what could be the cause of this?
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Hello Kay,

I am sorry that you have swollen nodes and that they are painful. I assume you have seen your primary care physician (PCP). If not please do so as soon as possible.

Swollen lymph nodes can some with a variety of issues. They always need to be evaluated. Sometimes a systemic infection like mononucleosis can produce the symptoms you are experiencing.

Obviously there are other conditions that should be considered by your PCP. Have you had blood work done to see if your WBC (while blood count) is elevated? A high WBC is usually indicative of an infection somewhere in your body. This could give an explanation for the swollen lymph nodes. The next step in the process is to determine where the infection or inflammation is located.

The lymph nodes are a component of the body's immune system. They are spread through out portions of our body some of the locations are the neck, groin, axillary (arm pit) and several other areas. They are called into action when a virus or infection strike our bodies and act to clean out (or up) the invading bacteria or virus. When they are busy fighting an infection or inflammation they will often become enlarged.  

It's impossible for me to guess why your nodes are swollen. I find it unlikely that a possible HIV exposure 15 weeks ago is responsible for your current symptoms. But I am far from an expert and this question should be answered by your PCP.

Please let us know how you are doing. We will look forward to your updates. I wish you the very best and hope that you will seek a medical diagnosis for your symptoms.

Take Care,
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thanks tuck. actually i was more concerned that its still caused by HIV. but i was reassured at the other forum that the 15 week test is conclusive and that i really don't have HIV. Maybe ill have to visit the doctor for this. Thanks again.
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I am glad that you were reassured that a 15 week test is conclusive. As I said earlier I did not think the swollen nodes were related to a negative HIV.

But now that your mind is at ease that you do not have HIV, please don't ignore these symptoms. A month with swollen lymph nodes is not normal.

Good Luck to You,
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