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Swollen neck glands

I'm a 20 year old female. And I have been having trouble with my neck glands.
It all goes back to the middle of october when I got back strep throat. I was given antibotics that lasted over a week. They did eventually clear up all my symptoms and also the swelling in the neck throat glands and neck glands went away. Sortly after that about 2 weeks later I noticed I had swollen neck glands again but that only lasted a week then went away completely. Early decemeber I noticed my neck glands were swollen again. That followed by a dry throat and small cold that only lasted about 3 or 4 days those symptoms disappeared but my swollen neck glands continued to say. I waited 2 weeks for them to go away but nothing. A couple days later I was wheezing in my breathing. I went to a clinic and they checked out both problems. They gave me anitbotics for 5 days for my neck glands and a puffer for my wheezing. A week after the wheezing finished and I was breathing fine, my neck glands were shrinking. But the anitbotics weren't good enough. My neck glands then began swelling up bigger again. It has now been a month that my neck glands and my throat glands have been swollen steady. It is not sore, the only pain I feel is when they start to grow bigger, when ever i'm chewing and swallowing it will feel like a pinch sometimes, but not always. I went to my doctor early this week, but he's not sure whether to put my on antibotics for 2 weeks or not because he thinks it could either make it better or make me feel worse. I've also been using salt and warm water this whole month. What do you think is wrong with my glands and what should I do?

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From one month I am having sore throat and right side I have swollen glands and I am feeling slightly fever and my neck pain what would be the problem.
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Its been a month since I have posted this note. I still have swollen glands. But they have a changed somewhat. My Left gland has shrinked a lot compared to where it was. Its less then half the size it was at. My right gland has also shrunk, but not as much as my left. Its down to maybe half the size. When I eat and drink it doesn`t feel like its in the way, like before. I`m still using salt and water at least once a day. I have not used any meds for pain or swelling this month.
As of lately i`ve found myself having a dry throat when i`m sleeping. Could be the cold weather, i`m not sure.
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