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The antibiotics my doctor prescribed me did not work.

I have had a UTI for almost two weeks. My obstetrician prescribed me Keflex for seven days. I am down to the last pill, and I am not getting any better. What should I do?
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Hello~I would try some safe herbs such as Cranberries or pure Cranberry juice....Cranberry juice has long been used as a remedy for UTIs and bladder infections. There’s some evidence that drinking cranberry juice may help or prevent UTIs in some people.

Many people prefer the sweet flavor of cranberry juice to water, helping them to drink more. However, cranberry juices full of added sweeteners aren’t great for you. A cranberry supplement or pure cranberry juice is a healthier way to get the benefits of cranberries.

Parsley juice......Parsley juice is a nutrient-dense diuretic that can increase the frequency and amount of urination. This can help flush out the bacteria in the kidneys faster, making antibiotics even more effective. If you don’t like the taste of parsley outright, you can mix it into a smoothie with strong-flavored fruits, including cranberries or blueberries for best results.

•Turmeric. Turmeric is known to be an excellent remedy for kidney infection. ...
•Ginger. ...
•Dandelion Root. ...
•Celery Root.

Try taking some Probiotics:
Probiotics have two big benefits when it comes to treating kidney infections. The first is that they’ll help keep your body’s healthy bacteria in check, even though the antibiotics may get rid of both “good” and “bad” bacteria.

There’s also evidence that probiotics can assist the kidneys in processing waste materials, and the better your kidneys are functioning, the more effective treatment will be.

Vitamin C:  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect tissues in the body from oxidative stress, which can automatically help promote kidney health. There’s also older research that shows that vitamin C can prevent kidney scarring during acute kidney infection and boost the enzymes within the kidneys. You can take vitamin C supplements or foods dense in the nutrient.

Apples and apple juice:  Apples are also nutrient-dense. Their high acid content may help the kidneys to maintain acidity in the urine, possibly inhibiting further growth of bacteria. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial in helping the kidneys to heal following the infection.
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Antibiotics usually make us start to have improvement in symptoms within 48 hours.  The problem is that you are pregnant so the drugs of choice used for UTI's are not used as commonly (like cipro).  But there ARE other choices besides Keflex.  So, definitely check back in with your doctor for a discussion about the next step.  Here's an article on uti, treatment options for pregnancy. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/452604-medication
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I am also really itchy. I think I might have both a UTI and a yeast infection. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I can't afford to keep getting meds.
They are not going to give me anything that freaking works. If my body shuts down, because I can't get the proper meds for whatever the hell is going on, then what is that going to do to my child? I think that would hurt my kid a lot more than something that MIGHT happen to my child because of a certain medication. I do not want my child to be harmed, but I need to take the right thing to clear everything up. I have read about other women taking Bactrim when they were pregnant, and they said that they had a healthy baby. I absolutely will not take Macrobid. Macrobid makes me extremely sick. None of this matters anyway. I keep getting multiple infections. No medication is going to keep me from getting sick again. I can't get a doctor to listen to me. The stupid doctor that I needed to see turned down the referral that my obstetrician sent to him. I am pissed off. Doctors do not want to listen until you end up in the hospital.
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You should call your doctor. It is possible they may prescribe another course of antibiotics. You need a repeat urinalysis and a urine culture. If the UTI goes untreated, it may lead to a kidney infection. Kidney infections may cause early labor and low birth weight. It is important that you call your doctor first thing tomorrow morning.

You should be drinking lots of water. Avoid intercourse while you are being treated for an UTI. Moving forward you can help prevent UTIs by doing a few different things. Eliminate refined foods, fruit juices, caffeine, and sugar. Develop a habit of urinating as soon as the need is felt and empty your bladder completely when you urinate. You can do what urologists refer to as a triple void. Empty your bladder, wait a minute, and try emptying it again. Do this three times. Urinate before and after intercourse. After urinating, blot dry (do not rub), and keep your genital area clean. Make sure you wipe from the front toward the back.

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I noticed blood when I was wiping today. I am going to call my obstetrician tomorrow.
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