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Therapy for finger paralysis/weakness

Need help in directing me to specific therapy to work on residual paralysis/weakness in my left hand due to a bout of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. My grip is weaker but improving. The specific issue I'm having is in playing the guitar, which prevents me from forming a full or partial barre chord (where the first or first and second phalanges press multiple strings against the fretboard). Instead of being able to "hinge" my first joint, that is to lock or unlock it, I cannot lock it flat. It's hard to describe! Another way to understand what I can't do is to lightly take both of your hands and place the fingertips on the surface of a table in front of you. Now, bend your second joint on your fingers while holding the first joint (the one closest to the fingertips) flat. I have no problem doing this with my right hand, but on my left hand, unless I push down on the first joint of my middle, ring, or pinky fingers, they remain curved. My index finger works OK but is weak. I'd like to know exactly which muscles aren't working, and which nerves are involved. Any suggestions on therapy to regain function would be appreciated.
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Ouch, I play piano and some guitar - I totally understand the dilemma.  I'd be inclined to simply continue to try/try/try/try/try and hope that as your grip improves as will movement of the finger.  This - not knowing the specifics of your condition however - I'd be prone to check with your specialist just to make sure that you're not agitating the condition or making things worse.
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FYI, my condition is resolving itself. I have most of my hand strength and coordination back, some things are still difficult but getting better. Just guess you have to wait it out.
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Get a small rubber ball and practice squeezing it from time to time.  That is what they recommend in physical therapy for symptoms such as yours.
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