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Throat problems

I have been having troubles with my throat for the last 7-8 month,it started right after I found out I had Hypothyroid so I thought it was just a symptom of that but as time went on it got worse and my doctors said that my thyroid problems would not be causing the symptoms I was having so they did 2 CAT scans,an Ultrasound,Many Throat cultures and put a scope up my nose and down my throat....But the only thing they seemed to find is that I have LPR/acid reflux and I had Chronic Tonsillitis so they took my Tonsils out about 3 moths ago put me on Prevacid  but that did not help so my GP put me on Flexril to see if I was just having throat spasms,and that didn't help so he is trying me on a different acid med called pantoprazole I have been on it almost a month and I have seen no change in my symptoms....and just recently I noticed a lump of tissue behind where my left tonsil used to be have not got in to the doctor about it yet but am going to set up an appointment soon. I guess what I am wondering is if anyone else has had this problem and what it could be?

here is a list of my symptoms they are some times severe and sometimes just bothersome

irritated/red Throat
Dry throat
feels like some thing is stuck in my throat
a squeezing sensation like being strangled
sleep apnea
feels like my throat is swollen
I get little pieces of food stuck in my throat (like rice, raspberry seeds etc.)

please if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it
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Hi, It might be one of several reasons. I have gained a lot of weight recently and have noticed my throat having issues, similar to yours, and maybe it's the fact that I have gained weight. I also have acid reflex, which doesn't help the situation. Consider getting an xray, maybe you have a tumor that is not being noticed by any of the technology? Sleep apnea can also be related to weight.
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thank you for replying but I have almost every test on my throat and they can not find anything wrong,and I don't think the sleep apnea has anything to do with my weight I am not that heavy for my height but thank you for your advise :)

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Update: I went to my ENT and he said the lumpy mass of tissues behind where my tonsil used to be is normal and nothing to worry about so that is good news :)
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