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Throwing up for no reason

I have been throwing up every week or so for the past two months.

It started back in June when I ate a chicken sandwich in a restaurant and immediately felt sick afterwards and ended up throwing it up. I just thought it was bad chicken (although it had seemed fine honestly) and left it at that.

Then the week afterwards I started some medication ( Inderal and Trepiline)  for migraines ( I don’t think my throwing up is related to migraines, I only get them like once every two month or so and only throw up when I’m in the middle of them. I’ve been having migraines for years and this problem is just recent) and then I spent all that week feeling nauseous till I ended up throwing up again. I then stopped taking Inderal as it said throwing up was a side effect and felt a little better till I randomly threw up a few days later again. I stopped taking both medications.

I felt very nauseous every time I ate for about a week and then it calmed down.
So I assumed it must’ve just been the pills.

Following week (23rd of June at this point) I caught Covid.  Threw up twice during those two weeks and felt very nauseous and didn’t eat much.
The second time I actually threw up blood which caused me to call a doctor friend but since it was just a tiny bit of blood I got told to just drink a lot of water mixed with those rehydration minerals, which I did. Didn’t throw up again that day it was ok.

A few days after I got tested negative for Covid (11th of July)I once again threw up for no apparent reason, I had just eaten sushi but it was vegetarian sushi so no chance of it being bad fish. Spent the next few days feeling awfully nauseous and scared of throwing up and didn’t eat much.

That was two weeks ago. I spent the past two weeks feeling occasionally nauseous and having a much smaller appetite than usual but appart from that I was ok and I didn’t throw up.

This morning (25th of July) I woke up and ended up throwing up about 15 minutes afterwards. All I threw up was water as that was all I had eaten so far that day.

I have no idea why I keep getting sick and I’m getting quite fed up. Do I just keep getting unlucky or is there something I should be worried about?

For information: I am an 18 year old female. There is no chance of me being pregnant as I am both a virgin and had my period about a month ago (should be getting it again in the next few days). I got my blood tested about two months ago and everything they tested for was fine except for low B12 which I have gotten shots for and am now taking supplements. My doctor thinks it was low because I do not eat any meat except chicken on occasion.

Thank you in advance for your help
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Hello~I am so sorry you are experiencing all this. I highly suggest seeing your GP and explaining all this to him/her, it sounds to me like you probably need both an upper and lower GI test to see what is going on inside your tummy, etc.
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Ok I will look into that, thank you so much for your answer!
You're very welcome. I hope all goes well. Please keep us updated.:-)
You're very welcome. I hope all goes well. Please keep us updated.:-)

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