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Tiny Bumbs on top and bottom lips.!

So I've recently gotten little tiny bumps on my lips that almost look like a rash. I don't have any STD's and I do not have a history of coldsores. I'm attending a college campus and I've been using the cups in the cafeteria (without straws---for some ODD reason they don't provide any) but once I noticed the bumps I stopped. I've eaten a TON of chocolate rice crispy treats over the last couple of days as well. I also stopped using my chapstick which is Vaseline Lip Therapy (Cherry). I bought benadryl but I'm not sure if that going to help. What is this?? What should I do. Thanks for those that can help
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I would see a dermatologist about this. These could be a form of canker sores, or your body being over-acid from stress or all that chocolate you have been eating.

That is awful that the cafeteria does not have straws, I hate drinking out of a glass or cup in a public place, no matter how nice the place is.
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hi jst go through the bumps, describe them in more detail and if you can get a pic that would be great?
did you bite your lip that could have caused a traumatic ulcer?
whats your diet like in normal?
any deficiencies?
the bumps are they hard soft, raised, regular borders, colour,etc
more info would help
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I'm just throwing this out there, but have you changed toothpaste recently? This happened to me once, the bumps on my lips and I could'nt figure out what was going on until I realized I had changed my toothpaste and had a bad reaction.
I do agree with SassyLassie. See a Dermatologist about what's going on. Remar
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