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Tired,sick,belying ache.

I need some advice I am always tired all the time no mater how much sleep I have. I do work a lot of hours but never felt this tired before even though i have worked more hours than I am at moment. even when I'm not at work I'm tired. I feel so week that I can't even make a cup of tea it just seams to take it out of me. I also feel sick all the time iv had to make myself be sick because I have felt that bad before. I have lost appetite just talking about food make me feel sick. Not often but sometimes I get a bit of belly ache in my lower belly it comes pretty sharp n then just go's away. every so often in will feel dizzy not a lot tho just seams to be if I stand up too fast. I just want someone to help me and hopefully give me some advise or is anyone els getting the same symptoms
Thanks Becky xx  
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Suffered with symptoms like yours for years...and years, crying for help but was told it was all in my head and to see a psychiatrist until I had them check my Calcium level and Parathyroid homone level.

Research the symptoms of these:

Hypercalciemia  high calcium

hyperparathyroidism  too much parathyroid hormone

HPTH  www.parathyroid.com for symptom list.

also look at hypothryoidism

Get Blood test from your primary care doc: for Calcium, PTH, and Vitamin D, plus a full metobolic panel and thyroid panel...I would start there....took me 12 years to end there and find out all the while it was a tumor on my parathyroid gland causing all my symptoms, but they never ran these simple tests on me.

Best wishes,

PS...hang in there, I know this is hard.

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here are a couple of things you can try:

Take your waking temperature every morning before your feet hit the floor...write it down for a week.  If below 96.3....indication of thyroid or parathyroid issue, take it to doc, he will run test with that alone, also use the symptom tracker on this site....print it out and take it too.

My symptoms improve somewhat with adding calcium to my diet, like when I was so nauseous, I would drink dan active probiotic 4 oz drinks...has 20 percent calcium, helps the stool move, pain in the low gut can be caused from not being able to eliminate it all...these tasty little drinks will help, tastes like a little smoothie, and fast to get down, will also help regulate good flora in the gut...  I try to eat something with calcium every few hours even thou my calcium is high because my hormone is so out of whack that if I dont eat it, it pulls it from my bones, and that hurts like hell, all joints and muscles hurt so bad, its like coming down with the flu feeling all the time.

Dont get handed anti depressents and told its chronic fatigue or fiibromyalgia...that is just wrong....look for the source not the symptoms.


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Thanks that has helped me so much. I feel like I'm always at the doctors lately had to go because I suffer with water infections.  was sick of getting antibiotics what solved it for a week or too and then come back. when I went to doctors last time tolled them I was feeling sick all the time n tired n they just said it was because of the tablets I was taking so I stopped taking them n still same I also haven't had my period since December 18th Im a bit irregular said that to my doctor that and he said it want a problem and not to worry about that.I have been taking iron tablets as well as my partner thinks i feel like this because don't really eat meat and not much veg so I will see if that helps n have a look at them pages you put on and try and do my temp in the morning. Thanks so much hope I fined the problem x
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Explain water infection

What drugs are you taking?

Ya. first doc I went to see was my GYN for feeling like I have PMS three weeks out of the month, and irregular menses.  Their answer was to remove it all at 34, if I ever wanted to feel better again.  Dont go there...or do that, screwed me up worse.

Get an appointment with an endocrinologist...they can help!

Good luck,
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Are you sure you aren't pregnant?  December 18th was over two months ago.  Get a blood test to rule out pregnancy.  

What are "water infections?"
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Urinary tract infection. Carn't remember the tablets I was taking but stop taking then about 2 month ago. I wouldn't do that anyway as I am only 22. it seams allot better 2day iv still bin feeling sick but not as bad as other days n am not as tired av bin trying to get more sleep. I'm going to give it another 2 weeks I think and then if it's still same I will go to doctors.going to try other things 1st and see what happens.
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Hi londres70 no I don't think I am not done a test yet but every so often I do miss 1-2 months and then I get my period and then is on track for a few months then I miss 1-2 again In august. I don't think I can get pregnant not used an protection in 3 years now n never fallen  pregnant before. my mum had problems n I think I am going to as well had some tests done at doctors a few months ago but never got my results as I dint want to no. So am so confided I can't get pregnant now n if I took a test I no it will say negative that's y I haven't done 1 I am duo on the 16th of march so wee will see what happens am guessing I will have my period then.
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See what happens in regards to your period and go from there.

Have you ever seen a Urologist for the frequent UTIs?  
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I would recommend having your red blood count and iron checked to rule out anemia based on your symptoms.  
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I found it hard enough to test me to see if I could get pregnant av asked them to do tests n they said to me they can't because I'm not 25 they can't do them till then. Av said things to them bout all this before n they just dint seam botherd. when I was getting water infections all the time I made them send a sample off because they just kept giving me antibiotics n it want helping me. I'm going to see what happens and if it's still same I will go to doctors.
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