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To reduce Gynaecomastia affect

Hi every one
I have little man boobs and according to my research I found it can be gynaecomastia. So to stop happening this I have joined gym from last 4-6 month but nothing seems working. I tryed all chest workout with even trainer. Now my trainer suggesting me to take ON fitness whey protein powder.
Does this things help in reducing moobs ? Or it can even increase my boobs ?
I am shy and I don't want to go to doctor or surgery so please help.
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The best I can tell you on the cost could be between $5000. and $10,000.

According to Yourplasticsurgeryguide.com, the cost of male breast reduction varies based on the extent of the surgery.  According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the national average cost of plastic surgeon fees only for gynecomastia surgery is around $3,100.

On the other hand, gynecomastia surgery costs around $5,000 to $10,000 according to costofgynecomastiasurgery.weebly.com. Generally, it costs $7,000 to $7,500 excluding post-surgical garments.

That might not include the hospital! If insurance doesn't cover it then talk to the doctor and hospital about a payment plan. Many doctors and hospitals will do a payment plan. After you have it done your confidence and shyness will be gone!!!!!!
Good luck!

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Thanks both of you. For clarifying about gynecomastia.

If I prefer to surgery how much it can cost me. And what procedure required ?
Can you tell me please.
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Overweight and obesity are potential causes of gynecomastia, and the excess fat actually increases estrogen levels. Making better food choices to help reduce your body weight may help decrease breast size. Fill your diet with low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods to help reduce your calorie intake and promote weight loss. Good choices include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nonfat dairy foods and lean sources of protein such as poultry, lean red meat, seafood and beans.

To help with weight management to reduce breast size, eat regularly at least three meals and one to two snacks a day. Eating regularly helps control hunger so you'll be less likely to make unhealthy food choices. Unhealthy foods, such as processed foods high in trans fat and oils high in omega-6 fats -- such as corn, soy and peanut -- increase inflammation and may make you feel worse. Also, try to fit in exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week.

Gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance of hormones where testosterone levels may be low or estrogen levels may be high. The condition may affect men and boys of all ages and may affect one or both breasts. Although gynecomastia isn’t usually considered a serious health problem, it may be embarrassing. It may be caused by a number of medical conditions, but nutrition may also contribute to the problem. As with all medical conditions.

When the body is deprived of adequate nutrition, hormone levels may drop. A balanced diet is essential for the formation of all the body’s hormones including androgenic hormones such as testosterone. Depriving the body of proteins and fats may deplete cholesterol stores, which are necessary for the formation of testosterone. Extreme malnutrition may also contribute to organ damage, including the kidneys and liver. Kidney and liver failure have been shown to contribute to the development of gynecomastia. In most cases, once the nutritional status has been restored to normal, gynecomastia often resolves itself.

Some foods are known to have estrogen-like substances known as phytoestrogens. Soy products are high in phytoestrogens as are other legumes such as chickpeas and cowpeas. Some commercially available meats, particularly red meats, may be produced from animals that have been fed artificial hormones. Excessive consumption of foods that may contain estrogen-like substances may upset the balance of hormones and act like estrogen in the body, causing the development of breast tissue. Nutritionists advise that eating a balanced diet may help avoid the development of hormonally related disorders such as gynecomastia.

Many herbs contain phytoestrogens present in higher quantities than even estrogenic foods. Herbs taken for conditions such as prostate conditions, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure may contain phytoestrogens that may cause breast development. Herbal supplements known to contain high levels of phytoestrogens include dong quai, which is used for atherosclerosis and high blood pressure; saw palmetto, which is used for prostate enlargement; and ginseng, which is given as a tonic and sexual aid. In some cases, the use of topical oil body care products has been associated with breast development, including tea tree oil and lavender. Some medications taken for conditions such as prostate enlargement may also stimulate breast growth. Talk to your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicine, including herbal supplements that you may be taking.

The appearance of gynecomastia is common in men and boys who are obese. The physicial appearance may be simply cosmetic due to a buildup of fat throughout the body including in the breast area. When weight is lost, the appearance may remain due to the development of excessive skin that sags, even though the fat has been reduced. In addition, excessive weight may contribute to hormonal imbalances in testosterone and estrogen, allowing actual breast tissue to develop. While most cases of gynecomastia resolve themselves over time, additional medical procedures may be needed to reduce the excessive skin that has developed or to remove actual breast tissue if it has formed over time.

All this being said you should see your doctor! Don't be ashamed!! My son had the problem and after being checked we did our research and found an excellent plastic surgeon and you couldn't tell he ever had surgery. He will be turning 45 and is a scientist with a major pharmaceutical Co. and is an amateur body builder. He had the procedure done about 30 years ago. Very small incision like i said you couldn't tell he had anything done.    
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Whey powder will not help gynaecomastia but it wont harm either. Surgery is not the best option and it depends on how serious the case is with sometimes controversial aesthetic results. The problem is that you need to go to the doctor, arrange an ultra sound so he can check how much of your man boobs is actually breast tissue and how much is fat tissue. If its fat tissue there is a lot that can be done depending how seriously bad the situation is. Whey protein will probably empty your pocket but not your boobs for the time being. You need a more professional aproach
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