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Travel question

Not sure this fits under the jet lag heading.  It seems as though any time I travel, when I return home, I feel completely brain dead, sleep for 14-18 hrs straight during the weekend following the return, and feel almost as though I have flu like symptoms.  It seems to occur with any air travel.

I travel to Mexico for work, frequently.  Sometimes (as in the trip from which I returned today), I am in the same time zone the entire time.  Others, I cross from Central to Pacific.  The trips are never more than a 5 days in duration (never fewer than 3 days).

It's as though my brain ***** down completely.  Thick as a brick.

I've noticed that regardless of where I travel, sinus congestion increases dramatically.  To see my in laws, my family, work locales.  Seemingly any where.

I have CVID, so I'm generally more sensitive to sinus and GI issues (GI issues increase as well, but this has always been the case, whereas the sinus and brain dead feeling is new within the last three years, or so).  The issues occur whether I've recently had an IVIG treatment, or am three weeks out (on a four week cycle).

I'm a 41 year old male.

Is this common?  Is something exacerbating the effects?  Can I do anything to reduce the effects?
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Thanks for the information.  What kind of vitamins and supplements are best?
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Some folks get jet lag and other issues every time they fly. One reason is due to the air in the cabin of the plane. You see, it is constantly circulating, but, not fresh, and the longer you are in the air, the more "unfresh" if you excuse the word, the air becomes. In some, this can cause sinus issues, brain fog, and tiredness.

There are other things you can do to decrease the effects of jet lag. Be rested before your flight, and try to walk around during the flight so that you are not confined to cramped spaces for long periods of time. Drink lots of water, because the air in jets tends to be dry. Vitamins and herbal remedies that can be bought without a prescription can also be tried to help reduce jet lag.
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