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Treating 2nd degree burn at home

I recently burned myself on the abdomen while cooking. I was splashed with the broth when meat fell into the pan. I didn't go to the doctor for it immediately when it happened, but waited until the next day. Well the burn is 2nd degree and pretty big too. From what the doctor was saying it was 1% of my whole abdomen.So she gave me silvadene cream and told me to put it on there twice a day and keep it uncovered and dry. I was on antibiotics already because  of some dental work so I finished that. I did this on July 4th. Here I am 10 days later and it seems to be healing up pretty well. However, it ITCHES sooo bad. Like I seriously wear oven mittens and socks on my hands to keep from scratching it lol. Anyways, the blisters have all popped on their own. I had many of them. At least 20. The burn is very pink under the blisters. Any it is peeling. Like a sunburn but the skin is thicker than when you peel.  I have little skin pouches that fill with water when I shower but I have been leaving them alone. I did notice tonight when I cleaned it (dial antibacterial soap and water) the dead skin was coming off. Is this the normal healing process of the burn? I have never had a burn before so I am new to this. I added a picture of the burn on here of the burn. This picture is of day two of it.
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Sounds to me like you are doing all the right things.. I was also burned in a similar fashion a few years back, and my burn did the same as yours is.  What you DON'T want to see is drainage any color other than clear or pinkish, wound-color other than red/pink, noticeably fast/large swelling (whole wound, not just blisters), or fever.  You have already been to the doctor and are doing as he says, using the cream and keeping it clean and dry.  The pockets of water you get when showering might be uncomfortable until they dry on their own if left alone.  It is okay, if there is already an opening (don't make one) to very gently push the water out (make sure your hands are clean).  Do not do this if it hurts.  Blessings - Blu
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Everything you described is the normal healing process for a burn.
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Thanks BluCrystal. I didn't notice any discoloration with the blisters drained. And the actual burn has been significantly hotter than my skin right next to it. But I'm thinking that is just normal to. It is no longer hot to the touch anymore. The pouches that fill with water aren't uncomfortable at all but the skin comes off when I shower. Hopefully this is normal also.
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Thank you, Mrs Rios.  Yes, dead skin soughing off will happen.  This makes way for new skin to grow under it.  Allow this to happen on it's own, without trying to 'help' it along by peeling it yourself.  Your body will heal itself, maybe not as soon as you would like, but you must allow this to happen naturally, or you run the risk of infection by peeling skin off that is not ready to come off on its own.  I recommend eating M&M's.  :-)  They always make ME feel better!  Blessings - Blu
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