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Unexplainable urge to have both sides of the body to feel the same thing.

Say for example, my left hand touched sth, then my right hand has to touch the same thing or else it would bother me. Or, say I was holding my wrist, then I have to change and hold my other wrist. I know it sounds really weird, but sometimes it gets so bad that I could not sleep because of it.  On really bad times, I would start twitching if I don't, esp when it happens when i'm about to sleep. It only happens sometimes though, may be once in a couple of months?
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Hello-I agree with the other two responses, it sounds like a form of OCD. Try doing some of the things they suggested, hopefully they will help.

If it continues, then discussing this with your GP would be a wise decision.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp.  Thanks for your question.  I agree that something to look into is obsessive compulsive disorder and OCD.  We do have an OCD forum as well.  There is something called Symmetry OCD.  It involves different thing for different people, but in essence, those who have this feel the impulse to align things just so, things have to match up, balance, be in perfect order.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7115475/  and https://iocdf.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Just-right-OCD-Fact-Sheet.pdf    These are two articles to read about what may be going on. This is something to talk to your doctor about.  If indeed you suffer from this type of OCD, it is treatable.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is very effective.  
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