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Unknown illness - Need desperate help

This is concerning my husband. He is 42 years old.
Extreme fatigue
Hands and arms numb, tingling
Shoulder and neck pain
Chest squeezing
Uncontrollable blinking
Stomach pain
Occasional diarrhea
Light headed, faint feeling
High blood pressure
Heavy, pain, burning feeling in legs
Here's what we know...
High stress for past year
Recurring H.Pylori
Fatty liver
Epstein Barr
Vitamin D deficiency
Recent events(within 2 week time period)
Had an episode recently after drinking tomato juice. Felt like a possible heart attack. Confirmed high blood pressure.
Another recent episode after drinking coffee. Same feeling of heart attack or a general nervous system attack.
Another recent episode after drinking tea and being hungry. Same feeling of heart attack or a general nervous system attack.

My husband has been very busy for the past year, working hard and long hours with alot of strain and stress coming from multiple sources. But many symptoms have been showing in the last few months and specifically the last few weeks. Does this mean it is progressing or just a peak to the stress is taking its toll? He is finally at a point where he has time off and has a chance to relax, but it seems these symptoms are getting worse. Could is simply be the adrenaline and stress hormones are wearing off and he is just able to "feel" more?

The "episodes" seem to be coming and going and he is uncomfortable at some level all of the time. Lately for the last 2-3 weeks(during his more relaxed time) he is experiencing more and more disturbing symptoms. He is now experiencing a loss of appetite. Last night, he was actually feeling hungry, sat down to eat and had to take breaks to go outside to get fresh air. Its like a sort of fainting, pressure kind of feeling. He feels faint and thinks he must be pale(describes it as what he thinks low blood pressure feels like)but his face and ears were bright red. The constant blinking was absolutely uncontrollable and was very uncomfortable. He also has started feeling this odd sensation in joints, like something(like a pointy, not sharp, like a broom stick) is being pushed on his elbows and other areas. Sometimes it holds, sometimes it taps a few times and then goes away or a slight soreness remains.

We would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, directions to look to, experiences, thoughts, anything really....Thanks so much.
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Hello~I am sorry that your husband is experiencing all these uncomfortable and worrisome issues. My suggestion is to see a neurologist or endocrinologist as many of his symptoms point to neuro or glandular disorders. He definitely needs more tests.

Some of his symptoms even point to a condition called "Candida" a type of yeast infection that can play havoc with the entire body. While you are waiting to see a doctor, try a yeast, wheat, sugar free diet, this might help. There is a good book by Dr Crook called "The Yeast Connection" it might be on-line or obtainable through Amazon, it is well worth the read.

Also, is there is a good naturopath in your area, I would see him/her. They sometimes can give tests that conventional MD's don't know of and will take the time to talk with you to get to the root of the issues. Sometimes food allergies or environmental allergies can cause some of the symptoms your husband is having, as can many nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.

If all else fails, then see a good chiropractor, now, this may sound strange, but when certain vertebrae or out or pressing on nerves, symptoms like your husbands' can occur.

I hope he finds the help he needs soon. It is miserable to feel like this and have no answers.
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In the meantime, reducing unnecessary strain and stress may be of benefit.
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Please encourage him to see his doctor as soon as possible for additional laboratory and/or imaging tests.
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Your husband's situation is complex and concerning, with multifocal symptoms greater than expected for someone of his age. It is unclear if his symptoms are due to unrelated concurrent processes or an underlying systemic process, of indeterminate etiology, possibly neurologic, metabolic, infectious, inflammatory, and/or neoplastic.
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