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Upper Arm soreness/discomfort

I currently have restricted range of motion in my left and right upper arms. This has been a slowly worsening condition that has been progressing for perhaps 6-10 months. Please note that when I first noticed a diminished range of motion it was so minor with no pain that I didn’t even know at the time that something was wrong and figured it was just a result of losing flexibility as I aged.  It is only the last 2 months or so that it has started getting worse to the point where I feel it is making everyday activities difficult. And pain is a little more present. Though I have yet to take a single aspirin or ibuprofen because of this.

I am 49, male, and in good health. Minor allergies in the fall. I have not sen a doctor yet .

A while ago I noticed that I was having increasing difficulty reaching behind my back. My range of motion was beginning to decrease. However, there was not much pain or if there was it was causing undo discomfort or more likely I did not pay that much attention to it.

Within the past 2 - 3 months I have been experiencing an increase in discomfort in both arms to the point where I am having difficulty lifting my arms over my head and there is constant discomfort beginning in the upper part of the outside of each should and extending down to just above my elbow. My range of motion has been decreased to the point where the only way I can scratch my back is to rub against a door frame.

There is no surface pain. I have not taken any medication. The pain appears to be localized in the upper part of the arms.

Thank you in advance for responding

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It is likely that you may have degenerative changes like osteoarthritis or soft tissue damage.

Make an appointment to see your doctor to give you the correct diagnosis.
A referral to a physiotherapist would also be helpful as they will give you the right type of exercises to do to gently strengthen the arms so that you do not lose any more movement.

Best wishes.
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This could mean several things.  If you exercise a LOT then it could be from that as sometimes the more muscle mass you build the less range of motion you have.  This occurs mostly with body builders and others who lift weights in a professional manner.  It can also be a muscular condition that is worsening.  It may be coincidental but both shoulders may have tendinitis, bursitis, or maybe some overuse injury or injury you are unaware of.  My advice is to seek medical attention through your family physician and then go from there.  You may need to see an orthopedist,  physical therapist/physiotherapist, neurologist,  or another medical professional.  A chiropractor may be able to help alleviate some of the stiffness and problems you are having as well.  Good luck!
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Osteoarthritis would not progress that rapidly. If the pain is severe enough and it developed over 6 months to a year, it is more likely something acute that started it. What type of work do you do? I was thinking rotator cuff damage but in both arms seems unlikely unless you do repetitive stressful work with both of them. My differential Dx....Cervical spinal stenosis, cervical herniated disk, or pinched nerve. There are a multitude of Dx that could cause these symtomps without more information and testing it is difficult to say. Go see your PCP and they should refer you to a specialist.
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