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Upper respiratory infections

I am fightiing an uri. I am on antibiotics and cough medicine. I had an appointment with my doctor today,but it has been moved to dec 20..
What can  i do in the meantime?
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Hello halfpint328. I used to get a lot of R.I's, bronchitis, etc. My immune system was way down. Garlic & onions are powerful immune builders. I sautè them regularily when I prepare food, even eaten elephant garlic raw after a surgery, daily for 1 wk. Sometimes I bake garlic & use it as chip dip. Also, it's important to cleanse our bodies, as toxins build up which can put our immune systems down. Every now & then I eat a bowl full of berries & do eat them at least once a wk. It's a good idea to google foods tto build your immune system & foods to cleanse. I hope I've helped & that you're well very soon.
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I forgot to mention drinking 8-10 cups of water daily. Water can help rebalance our bodies. A good, regular sleep is important too, as our bodies naturally heal during our sleep.
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You need to be on a heavy dose of Probiotics.  When you get sick, it's because your innerds don't have enough of the good bacteria to fight the infection.  I reccoment at least 80 Billion (yes I said Billion) flora to repair your intestins.  You should be able to find this at the health food store.
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Some probiotics are supplied with milk and these are contraindicated when taking oral antibiotics. Cutting to the chase, most infections are self-limiting. They may be viral, bacterial, or a combination of both. Rest, mild exercise (walking around to prevent clots - total bed rest contraindicated)good hydration, a vitamin C supplement and a good vitamin pill should do the trick. Medications that lower body temperature interfere with the immune response. If the problem continues over a week you need to go to a physician immediately. If the infection is bacterial, there is a probability the organism is resistant that that specific antibiotic.
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