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Upper right quadrant fullness/pressure with back pain

Hi guys. I'm hoping someone can help. For over a year I have had fullness in my upper right quadrant - in the area just under my low ribs.  It doesn't "hurt".. and it isn't sharp, but it is incredibly annoying (and is something that constantly worries me.) I find I sometimes can make the pressure sensation disappear temporarily, like when I lay on my left side.  I also don't seem to feel it when I am sleeping.  Standing, and ESPECIALLY sitting is when I feel it the most. Sitting on a couch, or in a car really seems to compress and magnify the feeling. Almost as if when I am making the area smaller whatever is "in there" gets squished, and when i'm in a position that gives it maximum room, I don't feel it.  

I have also had right side flank pain for over a year.  Again, in some positions I don't feel it all, especially laying down and laying on my stomach. When I twist my spine or am sitting, I can feel an increase of pain ranging from something a little sharp, to more of a dull pulling sensation. When I press on my back it doesn't feel like it is on my spine, but about 2-3 inches away.  

When I point to where my abdomen sensation is AND my back sensation, my fingers are on the same line. Which makes me think that whatever I am feeling is felt from my front and my back. I don't feel like these are isolated things.  It also never moves and is always in the exact same place.  

I keep freaking myself out that it is a growth or a tumor, though my doctor doesn't think that it is. I had an ultrasounds about 8 months ago on my abdomen and they didn't see anything.  It also seems to be something that is exacerbated by the position I am in or how I move. Weirdly enough, when I'm working out and doing things like squats, deadlifts, etc., I hardly feel these sensations.  

Any idea what this could be? Could it be a hernia?
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I would certainly see a chiropractor. You very well could have some misplaced vertebrae in your back that is causing this pain, especially since you said you drew a line from your back to your tummy and it was directly in the same line. An x-ray that he/she will take will tell them exactly what needs to taken care of and after a few treatments, you should start feeling a lot better.
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