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Please interpret my urinalysis
color:    yellow
transparency: slightly turbid
specific gravity :1020
ph: 6.0
glucose: negative

rbc : 0-1/hpf
wbc: 0-1/hpf
epithelial cells: many
mucus threads : few
amorphous purates :few

I decided to go on for urinalysis due to reason that I'm experiencing back pain on my lower rib. It's been 3 days now. I don't have difficulties with the urine. What was the indication
thank you
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definatly call your local hospital and talk to a nurse they are very helpful and they can tell you wether not you should go to the drs
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i am no doctor but it sounds like a slight water infection. Any feeling sick or running of a temperature is also part. I would go to your doctor though.
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To be honest, I would have your doctor interpret this for you, you might have a slight infection, I just am not sure.
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