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Vitamin D deficincies

Is vitamin D that important? Now I'm on 2 meds per day for vitamin D also I take calcium can low levels cause more pain for fibromyalgia patients?
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Absolutely in postmenopaual women especially,but then sunshine is a very good source and the skin manufactures the vitamin.Many causes are implicated in fibromyalgia but then nothing proved.
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I have just recently started taking Vitamin D supplements (50,000 iu once/week for three months, plus 2000 iu daily) since my Dr found my levels were very low.

About a month after I started taking the Vit D supplements, I found that many of the depression symptoms (SAD, lack of concentration, fatigue) I have suffered with for years have disappeared. I feel better than I have in years.

jagesh - what you say is true about sunshine, but most doctors will tell you not to go out in the sun without sunscreen, which pretty well kills the Vitamin D synthesis, or they'll tell you to limit your exposure to sun, due to skin cancer. Either way, I don't think that many people get their daily allotment due to sun exposure anymore.

Web reports are starting to link Vitamin D deficiency to depression, fibromyalgia, colon cancer and lot of other things. Of course, you have to take what you read on the web with a grain of salt :*)

So please have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels.

- JoJoe
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New studies show that Vitamin D deficiency is more prevalent all the time. I had some blood work done, and it showed I was deficient. I take a liquid version of it once a day and it equals 5000IU. It is good for osteoporosis, sometimes will help lower cholesterol, in some cases, helps depression, and fibro.

I would ask the doctor for a vitamin D level blood draw, also, I would ask for a DEXA Scan, this is a bone scan x-ray that checks for osteoporosis, and if you are deficient in vitamin D, it is good to have this done. It takes a little over an hour.
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