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Walk on tibia/fibula fracture?

Is it possible to walk on a tibia and/or fibula (fibula more likely) fracture?

I've been experiencing occasional bursts of severe, debilitating pain about where my tibia and fibula come close under my knee for a few weeks. It hurts every morning for about an hour when i wake up, and then if i stand too long or lean forward, or when i stand up from a seated position. It's also tender to touch, though not very swollen. Weirdly does not hurt while walking or climbing stairs...although descending stairs causes so pain. no clue what the deal is, prob should see a dr, but have no time.

So could it be a fracture? I've just never had anything muscle related last this long or hurt this bad. Have to drag leg when the pain is very bad.
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This could be a lot of things,... This can happen with age, trauma or extra pressure on the joint from your weight, or arthritis... This could also be a tendon injury, which can be very painful. Apply heat and then ice 20 min on 20 min off and use  any kind of OTC pain reliever that is safe for you to take. Warm salt bath can temporarily help also. BUT YOU NEED TO SEE AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON OR A DO TYPE DOCTOR. ONLY A DOCTOR CAN DIAGNOSE YOU. They will probably order an MRI of your knee, especially since they are a little swollen.  Please flollow up.. The doctor may recommend some type of brace or assistance device to take some pressure off of the area.
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Fractures are usually caused by trauma to the affected area... A serious fracture of the lower leg will render you not capable of walking as it is very painful, unless it is a small fracture and the bones are not displaced... Should a see doctor for tests...
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