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Weird Lump

So, this is probably gonna get pretty personal, but I'm looking for opinions. I was just recently diagnosed at my local ER with a mild Diverticulitis and sent home on antibiotics. A few days after I woke up with a swollen anus/anal region and everything felt very tight. Like any other swollen area. I used a heating pad and tried to relax and by the next morning the swelling had gone down completely. Only now, I have an odd sensation in the area. Only way I can describe it is like having a 24/7 wedgie or like something small stuck inside my anus. So, I inspected the area and discovered a lump on my perineum(skin between anus and vaginal opening) and this lump feels sort of squishy, will move with my finger, like a bubble...and it itches something HORRIBLE. I've also noticed a small little squishy lump right at the opening of my anus and I'm thinking they're connected. But I'm not really positive. Both areas itch really bad. I've had absolutely no pain. It doesn't hurt. Aside from mild burning with bowel movements. And here's the super weird part...sometimes it feels like it's moving. Even though I know it isn't. Weird.

Now I have HPV, I've had warts, but never in my anal region and the last flare up was over 3 years ago. I don't recall them being soft, fleshy or squishy though. So..I'm thinking it's possible I've got hemorrhoids...has anyone had any experience with either two and know if either sounds familiar. I do intend on seeing a doctor, but I won't be able to until Monday. Unless I go to the ER again. Any advice would be highly appreciated. The 24/7 wedgie feeling is the worst!
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The description with regard to the "lumps" around the anus seems to be haemorrhoids.

You can buy from the pharmacy, suppositories to insert into the anus and also a cream specifically for haemorrhoids.  The doctor would also prescribe these for you.  

Because you have diverticular disease and the haemorrhoids, it seems that at some point you have been straining to go to empty your bowels and have been constipated.

It is very important that you have a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fibre, fruit and vegetables.  Drinking lots of fluids and especially water is needed if you eat fibre cereals.  Drinking water is good anyway and 2 litres is usually recommended, more if you sweat a lot.  Going for walks and doing some form of exercise will also help with bowel movements.

Your doctor may prescribe a fibre gel or husks that you mix with water and drink to avoid getting constipated.

Haemorrhoids can shrink down, but can flare up and become painful.  When they get quite large and bothersome, they can be removed surgically.

This is not classed as an emergency so there is no need to go to the ER.  Just make an appointment to see your own doctor.
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Sounds like you have some haemorrhoids. Extremely common, I know all too well. If they are problematic in a meaningful way, you can get them ligated surgically.
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It sounds like herpes hun, if it flares up they fill with blood and you could end up back in the OR . they are another sexually transmitted disease, like genital warts just harder to diagnose . hemorrhoids on the other hand are from to much stran on your anus, and feel tight and sore and bubble out . you don't get them on your perinium though.
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Just wondering whether this "lump" may be a boil or an abscess forming.
Your doctor does need to look at this.
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