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Weird collection of symptoms. No doctor knows what it is.

So for the past 2.5-3 years I have been experiencing some weird symptoms (there's a lot) and no doctor can figure out what is wrong with me.

Joint and muscle pain - constant pressure in joints with shooting pains that occur in random areas. When I have a "flare up" my whole body feels like it's pins and needles, it hurts to be touched, and I have shooting pains through my body. Most common in my arms, hands, legs, and feet.
- chronic fatigue
- headaches
- constipation or loose stool. It's either one of the other
- hypermobility in all joints
- dizziness... This sometimes leads to short black outs
- difficulty focusing/foggy brain
- constant yeast infections

My primary is confused. All blood work comes back normal. My liver enzymes (?) Are elevated slightly though. No other blood work shows anything.

I've seen two rheumatologists and they diagnosed me with  benign hypermobility disorder. Doesn't make any sense to me

I have PCOS, a small tumor on my pituitary gland that I was told is no big deal, I've have two successful pregnancies, am currently on effexor for anxiety and PTSD.

I'm 5'4'' at 170. Exercise regularly or rather when I'm body feels well enough. Eat a normal diet.

Does anyone have a freaking clue what this could be?!
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Hello, have you checked your gut? I have had all of your symptoms plus very bad migraines, vertigo to point that I could not walk on my own, night sweats, itchiness, sleep disruption. After spending years at doctors, finally found one who suggested I had histamine intolerance. After one day on a low histamine diet, 80% of my symptoms were gone (no kidding)! Then the doctor told me to do a stool test and there we found out I have one type of streptoccocus  that is pretty scary and a very low levels of good bacteria :( A lot of gut permeability has been suggested. The gut cannot fight pathogens entering the blood stream. With that come all the symptoms. The gut health is so important. Now starting some supplements that have a great reviews (one of them is TAIGA A320) and will have to be on a low-sugar diet, lots of leafy greens and bone broth every day. Good luck with your healing. Maybe look at the gut health too.
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Hi~I am so sorry you are going through all this suffering, I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you.

Have you tried to see a Naturopath? They can sometimes come up with ideas and diagnosis that the main stream doctors haven't even heard of.  If there are no Naturopaths in your area, then I definitely would seek a second opinion from another GP.

I am thinking a few things that you may have that have been over looked. One may be Candida, this is a yeast infection that starts in your guts, it causes almost every symptom you are having.  Here are some links and symptoms about it, I looked at it and it sounds so much like what you are going through.


Many of the articles do offer resources to buy products from, but, you don't have to, the articles are what I am interested in and I think they will help you.

Have you been tested for food or chemical allergies, they can cause some of what you are going through as well.

Fibromyalgia can certainly cause all your symptoms too.

I hope some of this helps, not knowing what is going on with your body can be so scary, just knowing helps to relieve the stress.
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