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Wellbutrin Joint pain

I have been having joint pain and tremors due to wellbutrin. I just started the medication 5 days ago I am unsure if these side affects will go away or if i should stop the medication- my doctors gone :/
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The Wellbutrin information with regard to side effects says that you are "To Call your doctor at once if you have:
fever, swollen glands, rash or itching, joint pain, or general ill feeling"

There is other side effect information with regard to Wellbutrin, but I have only put down what is relevant to you.
The information does not mention tremors, but that does not mean that you your tremors are not from taking the drug.

There is usually an a drug information leaflet that comes with your medicine, but if not, you can find more information on:


As your doctor has gone, is there any other doctor at the surgery that you can get medication information from?

The other option is to ask your pharmacist.

If I were taking that medication with those side effects, I would stop.  But you do need to be given medical and professional advice about stopping the medication or whether you need to lower the dose.

There may be a more suitable alternative to this medication that may suit you better.

Seek medical advice urgently.
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When I first started taking Wellbutrin, I felt scared for about two weeks, of things I never had been before, like getting in a car crash or a home invasion happening.  I had little appetite and maybe felt a bit speedy, but no joint pain or tremors. Considering one possible side effect of Wellbutrin is seizure, I'd stop taking them. Wellbutrin worked amazingly well for me, but it's not for everybody. Unless a doctor says that's normal, don't take one more!
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Isn`t there a doctor filling in for him?  If not, explain it to another doctor or go to the ER. You need to be shown how to get off this drug.  Wellbutin is not for people with a tendancy to seizures and I would think they would want you to stop the medication to be sure that does not include you. DO NOT stop this medication on your own.  Remember, I am not a doctor or in the medical field at all, but please get a doctor`s advice asap!  Best of Luck and I hope to hear you`ve gotten help and are doing much better! :)
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