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What I thought was a hernia is a diseased gallbladder?

I am a 59-year-old female who had gastric sleeve surgery almost 3 years ago. I occasionally have severe stomach pain (that started a few months ago) that feels like a very strong cramp about an inch above and two inches to the right of my belly button, where I do have a previous incision. This usually happens while bending over and straining my muscles. I have had a CT scan and an ultrasound, and they cannot see a hernia. Yesterday the surgeon told me I do not have a hernia, and this was instead a diseased gallbladder which I need to have surgically removed sooner rather than later, and the CT scan was pretty clear on that as it was full of stones and sludge. I do not have any of the typical gallbladder symptoms. I am worried that I will have my gallbladder removed only to find out my pain was from a hernia.  
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Hello~I am sorry you are going through all this pain. In regards to the surgery, I feel you definitely should have it, the pain could very well be from those stones. I wouldn't worry about it until after the surgery and the pain returns (if indeed it does).

If you are truly concerned that it is a hernia, then I would get a second opinion, this might help settled your mind more, but as I said, from what you said was discovered on the CT scan of the gall bladder, it appears it does need to be removed.
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Thank you for your response! I understand female hernias are often difficult to detect so I am going to get a second opinion to set my mind at ease. I do not doubt that my gallbladder has issues, but am wondering if that is where my pain is coming from as I never experience pain from my diet, only from physical bending/straining.
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