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What are my lips and bowel movements trying to tell me?!

Hi, I’m a 32 yr. old white male, 6’6 180lbs. and have been in overall great health my entire life. In the last year I have experienced a steady decline in my health. Specifically, my lips/mouth and my genitals/bowels. I have been to the doctor/hospital several times for full urine&blood tests, expecting some sort of STD/STI to show up but have had absolutely 0 positive results. I mean nothing, my doctor tells me I’m perfectly healthy. I know that I am NOT. Here is a list of my symptoms, some more glaring than others:
White spots on top lip and sides of mouth(noticeably worse lately)
Chapped lips
Bad breath
Red line under bottom lip
White spots on fingernails
Vertical lines on big toenails
Thick/stringy saliva when I brush my teeth
Urine drips, have to push to finish peeing
Cloudy/strong odour urine
Gum sores(only 1 spot that has been there for at least 8-10 months)
Tired after 6-8 hrs. Sleep
1 or 2 white spots on bottom of shaft
Random/persistent diarrhea(3-4x/month)
Wake up having to pee really badly
Pain behind testicles after ejaculation(sometimes)
Rare discharge from penis after bowel movements when sitting(once a month?)

Most of these symptoms have been present for almost a year now. Some are getting worse while others have just been consistant the whole time. I am becoming EXTREMELY worried and it is starting to really stress me out, which obviously is not helping my symptoms. I feel helpless because no doctors can tell me there is anything wrong with me. With a list of symptoms this long, I feel like they just aren’t listening to me or somehow don’t care to help me! I’m starting to have suicidal thoughts due to the cosmetic side of this with my lips being the most obvious and really the only visible problem. My social life is suffering because of this. I lack any confidence that I’ve almost always had since I passed my teenage years. I will say, although I have had suicidal thoughts I know that I will not take my own life. That is very much against my beliefs, but I sometimes wish someone else would kill me or I’d just die accidentally somehow because I’m losing all hope. I used to have problems with depression when I was 14-18 but overcame that long ago. This feels different. I need help and can’t find it, and the stress of everything is becoming to much where I barely want to go outside/socialize and have no motivation to work hard, even though I enjoy a good hard days work!
Sorry for the long read, if you’ve made it this far I really appreciate you, more than words can express!! If anyone out there knows what steps I can take to fix myself I sure would love to hear any sort of insight or advice you may have for me!
Thank you in advance and God bless.

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So, perhaps these different things are not all related to one another?  And some are treatable.  How is your diet?  Nutritional deficiencies can cause some of this.  Other things are treatable like chapped lips.  Dehydration can cause some of these things including bad breath.  How is your oral hygiene?  When is the last time you have been to the dentist?  Do you use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria or do you brush your tongue?
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